Quick Change Clothes For Day to Night

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If you’re like most women, you’re lucky to get enough time for lunch, much less time to get ready for going out on the town. Women’s clothes can seem too stylized for a quick change, so you may not bother going out at all if you’re stuck in your stuffy work attire.

The secret to fitting both work and fun into your day is to get creative about fashion. Use a little forethought, the extra room in your purse and the right clothes to take your look from day to night without that extra stop at home.

The Basics

The best way to create a day-to-night look is by wearing a basic outfit and then changing accessories. A black tank dress can be perfect for work with a matching short jacket, small earrings and pumps.

The same black tank dress can turn into a fantastic night look by removing the short jacket, adding large earrings, a matching necklace and some high-heeled shoes. All that’s left is to freshen up your makeup and you’re good to go.

Any basic garment should be something that can be layered over. Ideally, it should be a single color with only subtle patterns. Tropical prints don’t do well for work or play unless you live in the tropics.

Short dresses and skirts are usually inappropriate for work, but there are ways to get around that. If a dress is one of the popular oversized shirt styles, or the skirt is simple, it’s easy to pair with leggings or tailored slacks. The result is a demure look for work, and after work all you have to do is slip off those leggings to be ready to party.

Slacks can generally be a little more difficult to work with. To go from dull to jazzed up, pair slacks with the right belt and shoes. A fun belt helps soften the all-business slacks and makes the overall outfit seem relaxed.

Tops or bodices with peek-a-boo cutouts are fantastic for that day-to-night need. A shirt that has a conservative front and a sexy back is easy to play with. Throw a jacket or vest over the top for work, and no one ever sees the plunging back. Remove the jacket or vest for drinks, and you’ve set an entirely different mood.


Accessories are one of the easiest, and most important, keys to making an outfit work both day and night. Not only can they change the tone and attitude of your appearance, they’re also easy to store in your purse.

Small earrings and necklaces may be proper at work, but they suck the life right out of your appearance at a club. Use larger, flashier jewelry to make the rest of your outfit seem more joyful. Adding matching bracelets or anklets also helps put flair back in your fashion.

Use a fun necklace or ring to wipe out any remaining office attitude. But be careful not to pile on the accessories. Make sure all your accessories look good together, and don’t forget that dressing up means taking work jewelry off. Brooches or pins will make you look drab, so they should be removed and stuffed in your purse.

Belts can also tone a look down or turn it up. Waist ties, dangling belts, chain belts and fancy buckles all look great at parties. Plain belts, sash belts and formal buckles should stay at the office, unless they are specific to your nighttime style.

Shoes should always be sexy, no matter what. The slinkier, sexier and more sensual the shoe, the flirtier you’ll feel. Slip a pair of ankle-strapped heels into your purse or car for a handy way to give your outfit extra oomph.

Fashion Tips

As you shop, think about how you can change a day look to a night look. Always use clothes made from relaxed and breathable materials. Something that makes you sweat during the day will look terrible by the end of work. Fabrics that wrinkle easily are your worst enemy, and they should be avoided completely.

Also steer clear of light colors that will show stains. People tend to wear black in clubs for a good reason. You don’t want to call off that date just because someone at work spilled soup on you. The darker the colors, the less they will show most stains, wrinkles or sweat.

Carry a large purse you can take with you to work or hide in your car. This should provide enough room for your makeup, change of shoes and jewelry. Make sure to carry jewelry in a small pouch, or even a plastic baggie, to keep items from scattering along the bottom of your purse.

If there’s still room in your day purse, throw in a small clutch to keep your money and lipstick in during the evening. Include a tiny bottle of lotion and perfume so you can add those final finishing touches before you hit the dance floor.

A change of panty hose helps, too, in case of your daytime pair encounters snags or runs. Fold the hose neatly, and place them in a plastic bag to prevent wrinkles or runs from sitting in your purse.

If you cannot spare the room for an extra pair, try strengthening the pair you’ll wear the next day. Spray your panty hose with a light and even coat of basic hairspray. Place them in a plastic bag and immediately stick the hose and bag in the freezer. Let them stay in there for at least two hours, even overnight. Make sure to take them out about fifteen minutes before you wear them, so they can warm up.

Remember, many clothes were custom made for the day-to-night look. Many design houses have entire lines of women’s clothes dedicated to this theme. So keep this transition need in mind the next time you’re shopping, and look for pieces created to go from work to play.

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