Q-Link Gold Pebble

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As the complexity and pressures of our fast-paced, electronic world increase, the Q-Link Gold Pebble is the product of choice for those people who value optimal performance and well-being. It is a stunning piece of gold equipment. The pendant has been aesthetically designed to negate the stress caused by man-made electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, while giving you a luxurious feel. With a Qlink Gold Pebble, external forces are unlikely to disrupt an individual’s own energy.

The Gold pebble is around 3 cm in diameter, 5mm thick. The pendant has a 14K gold case weighing around 16 grams. Not only that. The Gold pebble comes with the following set of features:

o Resonating cell

o 24-carat gold tuning board

o 25 m coil of fine copper wire

o Extremely durable and waterproof

o Requires no batteries and no maintenance

o Supplied with a black nylon cord

o Easy to use – simply wear it inside or outside a shirt or blouse

At the basic level there is no difference in function between — say a Q-Link silver and the Q-Link Gold. They all carry the same Sympathetic Resonance Technology; it is merely a matter of preference in terms of style choice. You may want several Q-Link pendants. The Q-Link Titanium may become your preferred pendant for sports as it is so light in weight and the Q-Link Gold may become your preferred pendant for dress. By wearing the Q-Link Gold with a Gold chain you can dress it up even more.

The Q lirnk Gold pebble is worn around the neck and is powered by the wearer. It requires no other power source. It is engineered with three main components. The resonating cell is programmed with SRT to resonate permanently with the optimum life-giving frequencies for the human energy system while the copper coil shapes the subtle energy field conducted by the resonating cell into a sphere surrounding the body. In effect, it creates a field that filters out unwanted energies.

The Q-link Gold pebble has been known to effectively communicate with an individual’s body’s own energy, which becomes more refined, clarified and strengthened. The pendant helps an individual develop more resilience. People who purchased the device have reported more energy levels as Q-link restricts occurrences of stress related ailments like headaches. Doctors have described it as the modern day antidote to modern day living. Experience the difference the Q-Link Gold Pendant makes. Simply wear it every day.

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