Purchasing Plastic Garment Bags

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Plastic garment bags are frequently used by dry cleaning stores to package hanging clothing such as shirts, slacks, and dresses, after they have been laundered and pressed. They are also used in the world of retail to package and protect hanging clothing so the customer can get it to their home safely. The bags are also used in homes to store clothing for longer periods of time.

Garment bags help to keep clothes nicely pressed insuring the folds are kept intact and the garments remain wrinkle free. They also protect clothing from getting dirty or dusty. Some are clear allowing you to see what garment is hanging in them. This is handy so that stores can keep their merchandise straight and for individuals so they know which bag contains a dress and which contains slacks. It is convenient not to have to open each bag to determine what’s inside.

Retail suppliers carry three main types of garment bags: one kind is clear poly bags, a reusable variety that is made of a heavier plastic, and a tinted poly variety which come in a range of colors so that you can find one to match your brand. The bags are made with a hole in the top for a hanger to poke out so the items can be hung with the plastic covering them. Many have sloped shoulders so they fit the shape of the garment and hanger well. Poly garment bags come on rolls for easier dispensing, similar to rolls of trash bags.

To make the use of this packaging even easier there are plastic garment bag stands and 3-roll garment bag racks. The stand stores the roll of bags on its end so that it takes up less space and can be stored on the floor right next to the register or in the backroom. The 3-roll rack is great to store rolls in the back room, or for businesses that use large quantities of garment bags, such as a dry cleaner.

Purchasing bulk plastic garment bags wholesale is a cost effective solution to the need for hanging garment packaging. If you sell clothing in your store, own a dry cleaning business or any business that deals with clothing or fabrics, you should have a good supply of plastic bags in stock. Research the companies with the best prices as well as the best products to find which plastic bags are best for your business.

Along with the choice of clear or colored, you might also consider having your logo printed on the bags as a marketing strategy. Custom printed plastic garment bags will add an extra touch to the packaging.

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