Promotional Clothing in Marketing Strategy

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Promotional clothing is used throughout the year as a marketing strategy. In the Summer, promotional T-Shirts and baseball caps are distributed. In the Winter, fleeces, jackets and woolen hats are given out. It is important to ensure that the items that you give out are in season, to ensure that it is worn and that your marketing message is displayed.

When creating this promotional item it is important to consider several key things:

Colour: Most promotional T-Shirts are white, most fleeces are dark blue and most jackets and hats are black. As these are the standard colours, they are the cheapest to produce. If you want your promotional clothing to stand-out, consider using a different colour. The best colours to use are your company colours of the colour of your logo.

Ensure that your promotional product remains unisex. Stay with neutral colours, as your clothing will be worn by both men and women. If, however, your marketing campaign targets only one males or females, then you can choose a colour that is more strongly associated with that sex.

Your promotional product will be given to a wide variety of people with different body shapes and sizes. Ensure that you cater for all shapes and sizes with your promotional clothing. One of the reasons why T-Shirts, baseball caps, fleeces and hats are specifically effective are that they can be worn loosely or adjusted. Consider this when creating your marketing campaign.

This particular promotional product allows an effective way to display your company logo and brand identity on the product. If you are using a T-Shirt, you can either print on the front of the T-Shirt, on the back of it or on both. The price it costs to produce this T-Shirt will be affected by this, however, the impact it has could be greatly improved.

Consider that different types of promotional clothing will give you a larger space to display your company details than others will. Caps and hats, especially, are smaller in nature and will be limited in the message that you can put on them. T-Shirts and jackets will have a larger area to display your marketing message.

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