Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Business to Avoid a Public Relations Nightmare

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What is the quickest way to ruin a business today? What is a sure fire way to make sure sales plummet and customers are kept away? Two words: Bed Bugs.

If word gets out that a business has bed bugs, then who in their right mind would go there to conduct business? Last year a several national retailers were found to have these wretched parasites in their stores in Manhattan. Sales in these stores fell drastically right after the discoveries not only in Manhattan, but in the chain stores all across the country.

Recently, a Colorado public library found several of these blood-sucking parasites in their furniture. Many polls sprang up on the internet asking if anyone would set foot in the door knowing there were in the library. The overwhelming response was along the lines of “anyone who knowingly goes somewhere known to have bed bugs is an absolute fool!”

Here is an alarming example of just how sensitive the public is to avoiding these menaces. An Animal Shelter Thrift Store in Pennsylvania had to embark on a public relations damage control mission when exterminators trucks were seen in their parking lot. “We want to assure everyone that our thrift stores have never had bed bugs and are open for business,” said a shelter spokesperson. “The exterminators vehicles in front of our store were not there for us.”

So they experienced major loss in their business due to this stigma – and they didn’t even HAVE them!

The keys for any business to avoid this nightmare are to:

A) Be proactive and prevent bed bugs

B) Have discreet plans in place to treat if they are present

Hotels, retail clothing stores, nursing homes, anything type of consignment or re-sale shop dealing with used items, or any place the public gathers – schools, movie theaters, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. would all benefit from clearly stated standard operating procedures for prevention, detection and treatment. All tiers of employees must be thoroughly trained to know what to look for in order to arrest any issues as early as possible.

If the dreaded reality occurs and they are found – they must be treated discreetly. Do not have the “Bed Bugs R Us Exterminating” truck right at your front door drawing attention to your plight. Preferably have an in-house solution but if not, have an explicit understanding with any professional you may hire that discretion is imperative. No customer need ever know the problem existed and it can be resolved without a public relations disaster.

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