Pregnant and Proud! How to Show Off Your Baby Bump

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Being pregnant should not stop you looking stylish and elegant. Stylish maternity clothes are now more widely available than ever before. By showing off their bumps at high profile red carpet events with glamorous figure hugging outfits, celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum have shown that it is not just possible to be beautiful and pregnant, but that being pregnant is beautiful. There is no reason at all why you too can’t do the same. Here are our top tips to help you look your best as you show off your beautiful baby bump and let the world know that you are pregnant and proud!

Choose fabrics carefully

Choosing the right fabric is very important for both how you look and how the garment feels. Clothes that hug your figure should be made of high quality fabrics with a high natural fibre content. Fabrics that are high in wool or cotton, such as jersey, are ideal. A high lycra or nylon content can make a dress feel clingy and uncomfortable.

Embrace ruching

Ruching is an expectant mother’s best friend. It gathers at the waist, smooths out your curves and allows the dress to expand as your bump grows.

Consider Tank and Mini Dresses

Tank dresses and mini dresses will hug your bump, which looks fabulous if you have been able to keep your pre-pregnancy figure. Be careful though with this look as these dresses will also hug your bottom, thighs and breasts.

Don’t break the silhouette of your bump

Wearing an empire line dress is a great way to show off your bump. Gathered just below the bust, it focuses attention onto your belly. You can accentuate the point further by accessorising this part of the dress. The reverse also works well. Wearing a top that is gathered below the waste will show off your tummy. The key is not to break the silhouette of your gorgeous baby bump.

Wear wrap tops and knot dresses

Wrap tops and dresses will hug your tummy and look stunning with knee high boots in the winter months. Knot dresses are a great idea too, accentuating the cleavage and then drawing the gaze down to your beautiful baby bump.

These are just a few tips to help you find the best look for you, but there are many more out there if you take a look. Anything brightly coloured or close fitting will show off your bump, or you could take a more direct route and draw attention by wearing a cute novelty t-shirt with a funny slogan emblazoned across your growing belly. Check out some of the many maternity wear websites on the internet and you will see that the options are limitless. There are so many beautiful maternity dresses, jeans, tops and much more available today that you will have no trouble finding stylish and affordable clothes that make you feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy. Never has the pregnant tummy been more fashionable, so get out there and show it off. Be pregnant and proud!

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