Personal Color Analysis – What Colors Should I Wear?

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What colors should you wear to look fabulous? I have the answer!

But first… a quick story…

About a year ago… I was browsing the internet on fashion ideas. No particular reason. I suppose I was in a bit of a style rut and I thought… maybe if I look at what other people are wearing I’ll get inspired.

Do you ever just look at yourself one day and think… what’s my style… how do I look put together… what the heck is that on my shirt?

Well, I suppose I had one of those moments. I was just feeling drab and unattractive. I had really nice clothes… but I was bored and uninspired.

I came across an article about seasonal colors and how each person fits into a seasonal color palette. As I scanned this article, I started to understand that color plays a HUGE part in how a person feels and looks.

The idea of wearing the “right” color never occurred to me. And honestly, I’m not sure I knew exactly what my best colors were.

So, I did some serious studying on this concept. This magical idea of 12 seasonal color palettes.

I did my own personal color analysis. I discovered that I’m a Light Spring. I purchased a Light Spring color swatch book and I make sure that all of my clothes match these swatches.

This was life changing for me. Why? Because for the first time, I had real confidence when I dressed. The right color can be the very difference from making you look drab to brilliant. I get compliments all the time… wow, great color on you! Your eyes look so blue in that sweater. You look great!

The more I hear this, the better I feel. And so will you!

Now, when I shop, I look for my best colors first and then the style. If there’s a shirt that’s super cute but doesn’t have my colors, I don’t even bother picking it up.

So, I want to share with you what the 12 seasons are and how you can do your own seasonal color analysis. Then, you can read my other articles on each season to see the colors and start sorting your closet by awesome… and not so awesome (perhaps donate?).

How To Do A Personal Seasonal Color Analysis:

First, you need to determine your dominate “characteristic” in your coloring.

  • Deep… Dark and rich.
  • Light… Light and delicate.
  • Soft… Soft and muted.
  • Clear… Clear and bright.
  • Warm… No cool undertones.
  • Cool… No warm undertones.

Second, you need to determine whether you look better in cool colors or warm colors. If your skin has a yellow undertone, then you look best in warm colors.

Now, you combine the two to narrow down your season.

For example, I am Light in coloring. I have low contrast between my skin and hair. My eyes are a light blue green… but not a crystal clear blue. My skin has a distinct yellow undertone, so I am a warm palette. From this description, I can determine that my season is a Light Warm season.

Read through the descriptions above again and then read below to choose your season. I am a Light Spring.

And… drum roll please… here are your seasons to choose from:

Deep, Cool Colors = Deep Winter (Sandra Bullock and Kim Kardashian)

Deep, warm colors = Deep Autumn (Eva Mendes and Julia Roberts)

Light, warm colors = Light Spring (This is me!!) Ellen Degeneres and Kate Hudson

Light, Cool colors = Light Summer (Heather Locklear and Reese Witherspoon)

Clear, cool colors = Clear Winter (Megan Fox and Liv Tyler)

Clear, warm colors = Clear Spring (Emilie de Ravin and Jenny McCarthy)

Soft, warm colors = Soft Autumn (Drew Barrymore and the Olsen Twins)

Soft, cool colors = Soft Summer (Ellen Pompano and Jennifer Aniston)

Warm, light colors = Warm Spring (Nicole Kidman and Reba McEntire)

Warm, medium colors = Warm Autumn (Debra Messing and Marcia Cross)

Cool, medium colors = Cool Summer (Kimberly Williams and Miranda Lambert)

Cool, darker colors = Cool Winter (Lauren Graham and Brooke Shields)

Here’s the magic in knowing your seasonal colors. You will now know what colors to choose for clothes, makeup, scarves, jewelry, nail polish and eye glass frames. You can even extend your colors into your home… bringing out your personality.

Color is powerful when used the right way. Read more about your seasonal colors to get ideas on clothes, jewelry and makeup.

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