Party Themes Ideas – 4 Awesome Ideas For Your Party

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If you want to throw a theme party but you’re not sure which to go for then take a look at the party themes ideas below:

1. Chinese – Throw a Chinese theme party. Drink tea and saki, eat with chop sticks (quite a challenge if you’ve never done it). Dress as one of the Chinese new year animals, the ladies can dress elegant Chinese dress. Hire sumo wrestling suits and laugh as your friends get bounced around the place. All guests must bring a gift and everybody gets to take one home.

2. Luau – A Luau or Hawaiian party is a long standing favourite. It centres around the “surf shack” where the hired cocktail maker serves your guests the “Aloha” or the “Hawaiian Heartbreaker.” The ladies get to wear grass skirts and lei’s while the guys get to wear Hawaiian print shirts and flip-flops. Use inflatable pine trees and listen to Ska music.

3. Masquerade – The Masquerade theme party is an opportunity to dress up in elaborate costumes, the more elaborate the better. Hide your identity with the use of a Venetian mask. You’ll be amazed at what you can get away with when nobody know who you are. You can if you choose have a public unveiling at midnight. Listen to classical music and drink champagne.

4. Farm – Serve chocolate milk and call them brown Cows, Banana milk is white Cow. You must have an animal cake and get a bale of hay for the lead up to the door. Get plenty of animal balloons and have a barn dance.

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