Original Adult Batman Halloween Costumes to Let Criminals Cower in Fear This Halloween

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Do you often engage in battle to put things right? Do you find you’re always fighting for justice? If you are, you’re a true superhero. You’re the Batman or Batgirl of your household and it’s time to stand up, dress the part and be recognised.

Now if you do that on any regular night of the year the neighbors will be raising eyebrows and you might find yourself explaining yourself to the local police or being carted off to the nearest psychiatric hospital.

As luck would have it there’s one night every year when you can be who you really are without facing discrimination or getting locked up. That’s right – Halloween is nearly upon us.

Whether you’re fighting for good or working for the dark side, you’re bound to find an adult Batman costume to suit you well this Halloween. Whether you’re a comical character or fancy yourself as a Heath Ledger look-alike, you can suit up and be yourself for a change.

For the men who need to find a damsel in distress, the Collector’s Edition Batman Costume will give you muscles where you need muscles even if you’ve never seen a gym. Got your own muscles? Try the Classic Batman on for size. Damsels in distress will be begging you to save them. Or are you more of a Dark Knight?

For the ladies there’s the Batgirl Deluxe Costume. Sexy yet strong is the message this one sends. Dispense with the Joker without raising a hand – you’ll have looks that kill and he’ll crumple at your feet. Stepping out with a Batman? Match up with Batman and Batgirl costumes or play the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. Either way, you’re bound to get plenty of crime fighting action.

Thinking of treading the dark side? Halloween is all about chaos and mayhem so the Batman Dark Knight or Joker costumes might be just what you need. If you take your costumes seriously you’ll love the Joker Grand Heritage Collection Costume.

Your partner in darkness will need something to equal it and the Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn Costume is ideal for the job. Whether your Batman and Batgirl fantasy stems from the comic or the movie, you’ll find an outfit that will let you play it out in style.

Halloween is the one night of the year when you’ve permission to be the superhero or dark character that you really are – in public. It’s time to step back into your childhood, exercise your imagination once again and just have fun.

There’s a good range of sizes and a great choice of original adult Batman costumes. Halloween might only come once a year but there’s no reason to think of your costume as a one night wonder. You might not be able to go wandering around the neighborhood in it on a daily basis but perhaps you know someone who appreciates you for who you really are on a more regular basis!

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