Online Dating Advice – How to Pick the Best Profile Picture That Will Get You a Date Anytime

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When trying to date online, you have to understand that it is vastly different then the face-to-face world. Why do I say this? You see the face to face world is scary. The last thing you want to do is say the wrong thing to a women and get a drink thrown on you or even worse, get smacked in the face! That’s why so many men are turning to online dating. I am here to give you some online dating advice specifically geared to show you how to pick the best profile picture.

This can be a tricky subject. Here’s why. Most men think “Let me take my shirt off so girls will like me”. Let me tell you this, you will not be attract the girls you really want. Classy girls will look at you and skip right over you. Here’s the reason, you are just like all of the other guys who do the same thing.

This can be a turn off so please take my advice and keep that shirt on for now. At least for the initial contact!

Also, you can get some great responses if you are in front of some sort of monument. An example would be a picture in from of the Statue of Liberty. Believe it or not, these types of things are what starts conversations online and what will separate you from the rest of the men out there. Most men don’t think this way so now you know you already have a step against them.

This next tip can be one of the most important tips ever. Check out a website called This website lets users rate picture from a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. This is a great place to experiment.

You see, you don’t want to throw any random picture up there on your profile if you want to attract a high quality female to you. Get at least 3 pictures of yourself and put them on that site. Give it about a week and see what picture gets the best rating. Then you will have a better idea on which one to actually put up to show to the world.

This can be a very powerful strategy that is not used by many. I suggest you separate yourself from everyone else and use it. It will work!

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