One of the Flirty Games You Can Use on Women

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When you’re out with a woman, it can be very easy to start flirting with them, especially when they’re really attractive. You feel great when you see that she’s responding to your advances, and you think things are going well, but at the end of the night, things fizzle out. So what happened? Well, to be blunt, like all the other men in the room, you were probably being too direct about your flirting. You put it all out there, made it known that you were interested, and this bored her.

More and more, women are wanting more mystery in their relationships. They don’t want someone who obviously likes them right away. Though they like being chased, they too want to feel a bit of the chase. So what does this mean? Simple, you have to find a way to make things more subtle. You can do this by playing some flirty games!

First, get yourself ready for a night out. Be sure that everything is in place, you look good, you have a good group of friends going with you, and you feel good. Never go out if you’re feeling low or a little off your game. Chances are, you are definitely going to be off your game and you’re not going to be very successful at flirty games.

Once you’re out and have successfully started a conversation with a woman, begin to check and see if she’s interested in you. See if her body language is indicating that she is attracted to you and likes where things are going. This is your first go signal. This flirty game won’t work if she doesn’t initially like you because she won’t be interested in playing.

So once you know that she’ll probably say yes to playing the game, start with the really simple one. Tell her that you can read palms. She’ll probably be skeptical and she’ll probably know you’re joking, but what this does is give you a good reason to hold her hand. Take her hand and start looking. Do the basics. Tell her she has a long life, that she’s going to be happy, etc. Then, start shaking your head and look worried. She’s probably going to ask you what’s wrong. Look at her very seriously and say: “I can’t tell you. It’s pretty bad.” She’ll bug you to tell her, and you can play around with this for a bit, just ending it with something really dumb, like: “Okay okay. You’re a shopaholic.” and say this in a teasing voice. After that, slowly drop your hands, and give hers a squeeze and give her a smile.

Just like that, you subtly but very effectively played a flirty game!

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