One Is Not The Loneliest Number

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The month of July has never been this hot. Usually, the heat catches up with us later in the month or even as late as August. But lately, as soon as that sun peeks out of the horizon, I am reminded of the colossal heat that’s about to greet me. With summer just bursting to get out of its shell, the talk of the town would surely go beyond Dubya, Brangelina, and even the head-butting jockey copycat who pulled a “Zidane” on his lovely horse. Truth be told, I’d rather talk about chintzy swim wear. I shall not, however, limit myself to those supermodel, barely-even-there swimsuits. I’d actually want to highlight one of the most profound inventions of man: the one-piece.

With the emergence of mid-drifts and extremely high-cut trousers, fashionistas everywhere are basically saying that less is more. In that case, the belly button might as well be the essential high-fashion accessory of the millennium. But does this mean when you’re out basking in the sun, you have to actually bare it all out for the whole world to see and to cover up would be a complete couture suicide? Is the one-piece bathing suit truly on its way out hotville? My mom, for instance, is a beautiful, full-figured woman, and instead of wearing an oversize shirt and Bermuda shorts at the pool, she keeps it real with an 8-year-old black spandex number. She may need to buy a new one soon but the point is, if she’s still sporting them, that means a number of women still do and the trend is far from dead. For all you know, it could just be hibernating and waiting to wake up from a very long sleep.

Just like any wardrobe trend, one-piece bathing suits are more than just a stamp in fashion but they are also a projection of a person’s character. Having one doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rigid. With the right pattern and a complimenting hue, you’d look and feel like a Hollywood superstar. Aim for something tasteful and bold like the Maillot Swimsuit by Beach House. The brand boasts its creative take on the color palate with this striped masterpiece. The maillot gem has a simple-cut white belt, a captivating neckline, and full bottom coverage that encourages movement yet advertises grace. You get all this for a measly $85.

If you’re feeling adventurous and slowly trying to be open to baring more but not all, you should be leaning towards printed and cropped pieces like Sauvage’s Corfu number. For $169, you can own the ambrosial cutout one-piece in a cream and turquoise-textured paisley print and a beaded center that tells people you’re audacious yet refined. The top straps that cross in the back give just the right amount of lift. It is available in sizes 4 through 12 with varying cup sizes B through D. If you possess unrelenting pride and an unequivocal desire to stand out regardless how old you are or how much you weigh, I suggest you get out there and make it known. As soon as you become comfortable in your own skin, people might just start to think so, too.

I believe every woman should have at least one classic black piece in their closet. Black not only slims but also transcends time, season, and physical age. When that moment of absolute indecisiveness hits and you can’t possibly think of what to wear at a company summer picnic or a weekend beach getaway with that special someone, you may want to breathe and just take the little black suit with you. It presents no complications and it goes with just about anything: a printed sarong, an oversize straw hat, or even a satin-sheet bed. If you need a visual, check out Elegance by swimsuit designer *Lisa Curran*. The sophisticated versatility of the black bandeau one-piece parades a gold center ring that screams Gucci without boring a whole in your pocket. It has a removable string that can be tied around the neck or left on the night stand. The material is fully lined with ample back coverage to give extra support and comfort. You can get the stunning piece in sizes 6 through 14 at around $145 online or at specialty shops, either way it would definitely be money well spent. It also happens to be available in shimmering brown, and I suggest you grab one, too, while you’re at it.

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