Niche Marketing – Digging Deep For the Gold

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If you are new to Internet Marketing you may worry that the gurus, the ones who got here ahead of you, control Internet Marketing and have already pulled out most of the profit. Think again. If anything, they have made it easier for those who come later to tap into that money pit.

My first experience with the Internet was in 1987. I was working with a Commodore Amiga computer that was the envy of my friends, because it had 25K of memory. Don’t laugh. It was a great computer.

In 1994, using an IBM, I launched my first Internet project, helping new musicians publish their work, find decent management and network with each other. I was dealing with hundreds of subscribers using a slow modem and a dial up connection. My Internet Service Provider did one thing – They allowed me to get online. I had never heard of an auto-responder. There were no Opt-in forms. It was all done by e-mail. I was shut down twice for spamming, because my ISP could not believe that anyone actually corresponded with that many people.

So, why am I boring you with war stories about the bad old days? Not only did the IM pioneers earn their status as gurus, they provided you with all the toys and tools that you take for granted, today. Because of them you are able to work faster, easier and more profitably than they ever dreamed of doing. Envy them, but thank them, too. They were the first prospectors in the Internet gold rush. They are the ones who showed you where the gold is.

OK, please bear with me as I make the quantum leap from the 21st century, back to the 1849 gold rush in California. Most of those early prospectors arrived in California with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. They had a dream and absolutely no experience. Some of them found gold. Some of them died. Most of them went home, broke. Sound familiar? Remember that we are really talking about Internet Marketing, here.

Those same 49ers gave today’s prospectors the tools that are still in use today. Pick axes and pans have given way to sluice boxes and dredges that can suck up the gold that the first prospectors missed. I have actually panned for gold in those same streams and come away, delighted with my few flakes of gold. Metal detectors, scuba gear, four wheel drive vehicles and ATV’s let us go where those early prospectors never could and find gold they could never reach. At the price of gold today, I know that, if I ever have to, I can pull $100 a day out of those worked over streams and there is still the chance that I might find the mother lode.

What I am trying to say is that there is still gold in “them thar” Internet hills. It isn’t laying there on top of the ground. You have to dig deeper to find it, (think about niche marketing), and use more sophisticated tools to extract it, but it is still there and those early prospectors who are the gurus of today, are the ones who showed you where the gold is and how to mine it. Go for it!

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