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New York is the main economic, financial and cultural center of the USA, one of the largest metropolises in the world. The city is located in the southeastern part of the same name of the State, on the Atlantic coast. Administratively New York City is divided into five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Some history

The first mention of the New York dates back to 1524, when the Florentine navigator Giovanni da Veratstsano stepped on the land, a century later called New Amsterdam. The first city was founded on the southern edge of Manhattan. In 1664, after the capture of New Amsterdam by the British, the town was renamed to New York. Its name was given in honor of the Duke James of York, one of the organizers of the campaign. During the reign of the British authorities the city population has increased from 2 to 25 thousand inhabitants.

In the second half of XVIII century New York was waiting for a big change. After the economic depression and the announcement of independence in 1785, New York became the official capital of the United States of America. While the city’s population was already 900 thousand inhabitants. However, six years after New York lost the title of the capital not only for the country but also for the state. In the XIX century the city grew at an unprecedented pace and by the end of the first third of the century turned into the most populous U.S. city. New York has become a major haven for immigrants, who sought the good life. By the middle of XX century the city took the position of one of the economic and industrial world capitals.

The growth of New York as one of the leading cities of the planet lasted until the seventies of XX century, when the city was plunged into economic and social crisis. In the eighties and nineties it was registered with new growth and the city’s population exceeded 8 million. To the today’s date, the city is home for about 12 million inhabitants. The beginning of the XXI century was overshadowed by the biggest in U.S. history terrorist act, when passenger planes were sent to the World Trade Center in New York. In place of the twin towers in the coming years the world’s highest skyscraper will be built, the length of which will exceed 5390 m.

Modern City

New York is located on the border of three states – the eponymous New York (the north-west), Connecticut (on the north-east) and New Jersey (south-west) – and covers an area of 790 square kilometers. The main attractions are in the area of Manhattan. It is in this part of the city major museums are concentrated, the theaters of Broadway and skyscrapers, which thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see.

Most of the island, except for its historical part, is built up of rectangular: avenues are along the island, and the streets are across. Due to such features twice a year from the streets of the city the sunset over the horizon can be watched (in late May and early July) and twice a year – the emergence of the sun above the horizon at dawn (in January and December).

Central Park is located in Manhattan, one of the largest urban parks in the world. Among the main attractions of the district are Skyscraper Empire State Building, Wall Street, concert halls, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim Museum, Chinatown, and others.

The most populous county is Brooklyn. This area is particularly prized for its unique blend of cultures. Main Attractions are Town Hall, resort destination in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, an amusement park, Coney Island, and many museums. Jamaica Bay, which washes the southern shore of Brooklyn, is a reserve Gateway National Recreation Area. The Bronx is the only area of New York, whose territory is situated on the continental land mass. It holds much of the New York slums, where inhabitants are numerous ethnic groups. Main area attractions are the market on Arthur Avenue, the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, the Bronx Museum of Art Cultural Center, Enrico Fermi, the National Botanical Garden, and Cottage by the largest U.S. City Zoo, which exhibited some four thousand animals in conditions close to natural.

Queens County, located on Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean, is the largest in New York. In Manhattan, it connects Queensborough Bridge, whose length is about 2 km. Here are the American Museum of TV and movies, famous racecourses “Aqueduct” and “Belmont Park, Park Flushing Meadows-Corona”, Center for Fine and Performing Arts “Jamaica”, Reserve “Jamaica Bay”, Pavilion science city, the Zoo, Museum and Botanical Garden of Queens. Staten Island is the least tourist district of Greater New York City. Here come those who value peace and quiet in a big metropolis. On the island there are the zoo, botanical garden, cultural center and several interesting museums.

But the main focus of attention of tourists on Staten Island is a ferry service from Manhattan, which allows you to admire the panorama of the New York Bight and, of course, views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, a recognized symbol of New York and the United States of America.

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