Network Marketing – Offline Marketing is Not Dead

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I just read the opinion of one man today who said “offline marketing is dead.” I actually had to re-read that sentence several times as I could not believe what I was reading.

The internet is wonderful. I love the internet. But offline marketing is not dead.

Have you read a magazine lately? Have you watched television lately? Both mediums are loaded with advertising.

I get local business on a regular basis. I still very strongly suggest a marketing plan that includes both online and offline marketing.

Offline, there are so many ways to market both your products and your business opportunity:

1. Hand out catalogs. You can mail them to local customers. You can leave them in doctor’s waiting rooms, hair salons etc. You can carry them with you at all times and hand them out as asked.

2. You can use your car. Put a decal in the window. Put a magnet on both the right hand side and the left hand side. Put a license plate frame in both the back and the front.

3. Have a sign made for your front yard. During election time, people put signs on their front lawns all of the time. Have a sign made with your company name on it and put it on your front lawn.

4. If you have a front window that faces the street, put a decal on the window.

5. Place an ad in your local newspapers. If your town has both a daily paper and a weekly shopper, get ads in both of them.

6. Sponsor a local sports team. Buy them pizza a few times a year and pay for their shirts. Your name will be all over their promotional pieces.

7. Take out ads in the local high school programs. Most high schools have football programs, theater programs and band programs.

8. Rent tables at local boutiques and fairs. These events bring in a lot of people. Have some supplies and business cards and be ready to tell people about your business.

9. Host a home party. Millions of dollars in sales are created each and every year through home parties.

10. Donate items to local silent auctions. This is a wonderful way to get your name into the community. The group will use your name in all of their promotional pieces and the day of the event your name will be displayed alongside the item(s) you’ve donated.

These are just ten ideas of ways to market offline and locally. I do not for one minute believe that offline marketing is dead.

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