MultiCam BDU Clothing For Airsoft

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MultiCam BDU Clothing in the Airsoft Community is growing in popularity due to its exposure in the media, discussion forums, and several other outlets. Once introduced to the US Army Combat Uniform, people are increasingly becoming interested in the MultiCam pattern and how it can be effectively utilized for non-military functions.

Airsoft participants will appreciate the effectiveness and value of choosing a MultiCam BDU. The camouflage pattern was developed so that soldiers can blend into multiple environments while moving through a given area with varied terrain as well as multiple seasons. The MultiCam pattern is much more effective than the traditional ACU Universal Army Digital Camo as it add browns, blacks, and whites in addition to the greys and greens. It also provides dark and light greens and browns that transition and fade from one color to the next. ACU Digital has a pixelated pattern that is much more distinct due to the solid lines in between color transitions. MultiCam patterns are developed of multiple oblong and abstract shapes that trick the human eye by blending into the surrounding colors around it. 

By utilizing MultiCAM in your Battle Dress Uniform you do not need multiple sets of BDU apparel when participating in different events at separate sites. You can travel from one battle field to the next whether it be in the woods, grassy, areas, urban environment, or desert scape and still blend in effectively.  You also no longer need Woodland Camo in addition to Universal Army Digital when traveling from a less green to a more wooded environment. 

You can also travel to the same field during different seasons as the camouflage capability is just as effective in a lush wooded environment full of green vegetation during Spring as it is during Autumn when the colors change and your find your self surrounded in a more brown and black environment in comparison.

Universal Army Digital ACU’s are great if you are in a green environment but as soon as you change to an area with different environment with multiple colors, your camouflaging capabilities are reduced substantially. MultiCam will blend utilizing multiple colors making the overall value substantial even though it is currently slightly more expensive than several other camouflage types. As supply increases and increased demand from novelty starts to wear off, you could even see pricing more equalized. However, you are getting a good deal for the long haul given  its versatility in being able to integrate into several different settings.

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