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With Christmas approaching and last minute shopping approaching break neck speed, if you have young children or indeed the young at heart, Disney related gifts are selling as well as they ever have.

In particular, the ongoing interest in Mickey Mouse related toys, clothing, jewelery and DVDs provides the gift hunter with a great deal of diversity, both in product and price make the chances of getting a great present a certainty.

A browse of the top websites for online purchase shows some great deals on Mickey Mouse Toys and Apparel, with some great shipping options too. It’s worth having a look at the different retailers and see if what sort of deals they offer. As Christmas is getting close it’s not a good idea to hang around. But don’t panic, there’s still time if you know where to look.

If you have young children then there is a good selection of toys for the very young. Mickey Mouse Choo Choo train sets are extremely popular as are Mickey Mouse Ears and dressing up sets. For the slightly older children, DVDs are a great choice. Fantasia is an all time bestseller and will go down a treat with both young and old. It’s a classic movie from yesteryear which will inject magic into the Christmas period.

If you are looking for clothing or bedroom related items, you won’t be disappointed. The range of Mickey Mouse bedding and curtain sets is good, clocks, mats and pictures are readily available. If the bedroom is up for a makeover, consider getting some Mickey or Disney wallpaper as well, ready for a decorating burst after the festive period.

Mickey Mouse clothing is always a good option for a Christmas gift. T-Shirts, pajamas, hoodies, hats, sock and gloves are all available, manufactured under the Disney label. The quality of these items is very good and the screen printed images are fantastic. A great addition to the wardrobe of the young.

If you are a little older still, Mickey jewelery is a nice gift to give or receive. It’s usually pretty subtle and available in silver or gold. Hypo-allergenic metals are also available.

If you want something a little zany, I found a large range of office related Mickey themed products. Telephones, folders, notebooks, pens and pencil sets are all available to purchase. Your boss would surely appreciate a Mickey telephone in his office in 2010.

I hope this article has given you some food for thought to help with your Christmas shopping. Mickey Mouse gifts make a great present and many, the DVDs in particular are going to stay within your family for many years to come

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