Mexican Poncho Vs Mexican Baja Shirt

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Many people get a Mexican poncho and a Mexican baja shirt confused and the difference is quite simple to recognize. Here we will discuss the differences between the two so that you never get them confused in the future.

First off, the Mexican poncho is one of the most famous pieces of traditional Mexican clothing in the world. They are usually a little bit western in their look and they are not to be confused with the brightly colored serape blankets that a piece of Mexican culture. The poncho is without sleeves but it is not a vest. It is the original snuggie you could say. It is literally a Mexican blanket with a hole in it. The blanket used is a falsa blanket which tends to be thicker than a traditional serape blanket.

A baja shirt on the other hand, is also known as a baja hoodie or baja sweater because it is a sweater with a hood, long sleeves and a pocket in the front to keep your hands warm. Are you getting the picture yet? They are very different in every aspect except one. They both come from Mexico and have that Mexico clothing look that Americans love. But the baja hoodie is now more popular among hippies and is often referred to as a hippie hoodie because they wear them more than others. Because of this the hippie hoodie has gone on to be called a drug rug because of it’s association with hippies. So now you know the difference between a baja shirt and a Mexican poncho.

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