Men’s Cufflinks – A Wide Range of Options

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A cufflink is used to fasten two open sides of a cuff on a shirt, blouse, or any other piece of cloth. Cufflinks are for both men and women. A variety of men’s and women’s cufflinks are on offer these days. The decorative pieces vary in terms of shape, size, and color. There is no dearth as far as their availability is concerned. You just have to visit the store and find out what suits you the best. Men’s cufflinks are obviously different from the ones meant for women. The reason for such a difference lies in the fact that the choices they make vary considerably. The gender difference also reflects on a particular cufflink design.

A Vast Range Of Choices

As mentioned above, you have an option to choose from a range of available alternatives. However, your choice obviously depends on your financial capability. If your budget allows, you can even choose a designer cufflink, as there are plenty of them available at different stores. In case, your pocket does not allow you to go for the designer one, there is also an option to choose a simple cufflink. However, in a highly competitive market scenario, even the designer ones are available at reasonable prices.

Types Of Men’s Cufflinks

They may be categorized into the following three different types:


This is the most common type of cufflink and is available in T-shape. To wear it, you first have to close the swivel bar. Once it is closed, from outside pass the cuff link through the holes. Finally, you have to open the swivel bar and secure the cuff.


Also known as a chain link cufflink, it is a traditional type of cufflink. It needs agility from your side to put it on. It offers a beautiful design on both sides.


These come without moving parts and more solid than the normal ones. You can wear them by putting the mushroom-shaped end from outside through the holes

Men’s Cufflinks

The variety is so vast that you may find yourself in a fix when it comes to buying a men’s cufflink. Now it will be useless to think that only rich can afford a quality cufflink, as there is no dearth of stylish ones available at reasonable rates. You can easily buy one as per your preference. Now there is a separate collection for different occasions, such as marriages, birthday parties, and other such important functions. So just do not bother about style and variety. With their ever-growing variety, you can certainly make a different style statement every time you wear them. They can make your shirt look beautiful and add that extra bit of charm to your personality.

Men’s cufflinks are designed keeping in mind diverse needs and interests of the common man. There is something for every man; for instance, if you like traditional styles, there is silk knot or classic cufflink. Similarly, for those who like playing sports, a sports cufflink may be the best option. It does not really matter how much you earn, since there is a large range of affordable alternatives. Nowadays, many stores offer career-related cufflinks as well. So whether you are an IT professional or a military man, choose a cufflink according to your profession.

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