Medical Uniforms Down the Ages

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The medical profession has existed through centuries in some form or the other. Earlier it was not so organized as today. Healing methods, as we all know, were primitive in those days. With the advancement of science and technology, the field of medicine has made progress in leaps and bounds. Medical uniforms are however, comparatively new additions in this field. Medical clothing or uniforms are today worn by almost all medical professionals who work in hospitals and clinics.

Medical uniform of the nurses

There was a time when nurses only wore white starched dresses and caps. Medical uniforms designed for nurses have become more user-friendly, trendy and fashionable. The days of drab green scrubs have given way to more stylish medical uniforms. These are created out of softer materials and are available in a variety of colors, and in cheerful prints. The bright cheerful prints in the nurses’ clothing are supposed to minimize the glum and tense atmosphere of a hospital or a clinic. Manufacturers and suppliers generally give regular discounts on these stuffs, which all the more makes it convenient for the buyers.

Medical uniform of the doctors

In the early 19th century, the doctors had no uniforms, and they would perform surgery in their street clothes. Quite often the doctors clothing became stained with body fluids and blood of the patients they were handling. Those doctors who wanted to protect their personal clothing would start wearing butchers apron, when starting with some surgical procedures. These slowly gave way to surgical uniforms. These were initially in white, which were later changed to green surgical scrubs, as the sight of blood stains on white was not pleasing to the eyes. Thus medical scrubs are must for doctors and nurses or other medical staffs, when they are handling patients.

The popular appeal of medical scrubs nowadays, is largely due to their comfort, convenience and availability. Medical scrubs help the health care professionals to protect their personal clothing and a uniform takes away the everyday task of planning an appropriate outfit. Scrubs are loose, comfortable clothing consisting usually of a short sleeved shirt and a pair of pants, and can be likened to wearing a pair of comfortable pajamas. Different brands of medical uniforms and scrubs are available in the market. Customers should ideally do a bit of research in this field, before going in for the actual purchase.

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