Male Puffy Nipples

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Puffy nipples affect nearly 33% of the male population. The fact is male puffy nipples look downright unmanly, and constitutes a serious detriment to a man’s self-esteem. They cause all kinds of social anxieties. From fear of walking on the beach without a shirt, to fears that arise during intimate contact a man just has trouble feeling like a man with puffy nipples.

Who can blame them? As breasts are one of the defining sex characteristics of a female; for a man to carry around extra baggage on his chest severely brings into question the level of his manliness. One would think that this is no longer a problem in today’s society of self-awareness and body acceptance; however this is simply not the case. Even though 33% of men are affected in some way or another by puffy nipples there is still a high degree of social stigmatism associated with the condition.

Luckily for the male affected by puffy nipples there are solutions out there. Hormonal and corrective surgery are both well documented viable options for correcting a man’s puffy nipples. Hormonal treatments may only be possible for a small segment of the affected men as it is a treatment for a very specific cause of puffy nipples. Surgery on the other hand will work across the board.

Prior to surgery the man will consult with his physician to discuss what form of puffy nipples he has. Believe it or not there are two different tissues that can cause puffy nipples and men. These two tissues are glandular tissue, and fat tissue. They can both be removed quite easily through surgery; however the procedure is slightly different for each. When removing fat the surgeon simply makes a small cut or incision around the areola before taking out the excess fat using liposuction. If the cause of the problem is glandular in nature the surgeon will go in with a scalpel and cut away the glandular tissue. Either way the incision is very small and blends in well with the natural ring around the nipple.

A skilled surgeon will then sculpt the fat surrounding the breast to preserve the natural shape of the man’s chest. This is important for preventing a sunken in appearance that would be equally as disturbing to the man as puffy nipples.

As mentioned before there are many causes of male puffy nipples, in some cases it is simply an obesity problem. Overweight men tend to develop “man boobs” that have the appearance of male puffy nipples, but rather than needing a surgical solution the man simply needs to lose weight and the puffy nipples will go away. Another case of male puffy nipples where no outside help is needed occurs in adolescent boys. These boys are subject to the wildly swinging hormones of puberty, and may develop puffy nipples. This is both expected and natural; and will eventually go away. No action should be taken in this event as attempting to correct the problem may cause more long-term harm than good.

While male puffy nipples may not be seriously detrimental to a man’s health; it is quite serious to his psyche. As such it should be taken seriously and a man should not feel bad about going to his doctor in search of possible solutions. Together with the help of a physician male puffy nipples can be overcome through inexpensive hormonal treatments, or in most cases moderately priced plastic surgery. Whichever the treatment option be sure to get a second opinion, as quality work will not require extensive surgical reworking in the future to create and preserve a natural chest appearance.

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