Make Your Boyfriend Feel Attracted Emotionally – 7 Ways to Make Him See You in a Different Light

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It’s easy to attract a guy physically – throw on a hot dress, thrust your chest outwards, walk with your hips swinging sexily, pout your lips seductively, flip your hair back and bat your long lashes coyly at him, and that’s all it takes to win him over. But that’s only if you’d like him to stay one night. The reality is that most women want something deeper than a physical connection. It’s natural for guys to go for the superficial, but how to get them to appreciate what’s inside is a real challenge. Here are some ways you can make your boyfriend feel attraction emotionally to you and how you can keep it that way.

Sweet nothings will not work on men.

As a woman, you are stimulated romantically by sugar-coated professions of love and affection. For men, these are simply words stolen from a romantic comedy they haven’t seen and have no plans of ever seeing. If you plan on giving him a long speech about how much you enjoy spending time with him and how you’d like to be with him forever, you’re not stirring any emotions in him. Instead, downplay your use of overly sweet words. It’s a language you can teach a guy to speak, but not by speaking it yourself.

Play his game right.

Your miniskirts will hook a guy physically but your sweaty t-shirts from playing an active game of ping-pong with him will truly steal his heart. How? Guys feel an emotional bond with his male friends because of their common ground. There’s so much connection that can go on during a ping-pong game (or any other sport or game he enjoys). A guy sees your playful side and will immediately see beyond your physical attributes. When you engage in a game or sport with a guy, you bring out his competitive side, which you can easily tame with your charm. You could also make a guy feel needed by asking him to show you how it’s done.

Never underestimate the power of humor and fun.

A girl can be classy and totally funny at the same time. There’s nothing cuter than a girl who can make a guy laugh naturally and without trying too hard. When people laugh, their serotonin (the happy hormone) levels shoot up. Higher levels of serotonin make people more loving and romantic. It adds a lighter side to the relationship, and your boyfriend will be more hooked on you before you know it.

Turn those little actions into big ones.

When couples walk side by side, notice how almost unknowingly, one’s hand reaches out to find the other. These little actions can seem futile, but this signifies a great emotional connection between you and your partner. It means your physical bonds are no longer restricted to bedroom romping, you are now comfortable letting the world know that you are a couple.

He secretly loves surprises, even when he says he doesn’t.

How do you knock over a guy when he least expects it? Surprise him. Buy him a shift from his favorite store, but get him that CD he’s been wanting to buy for himself. Cook him a 3-course dinner and slip an “anything-you-want-for-dessert” coupon along with it. Any pleasant surprise, as long as it isn’t too dramatic, too romantic and too heavy will do the trick.

Listen to what he tells you about his mother (or exes).

Great guys are attached to their mothers. In fact, when they picture an ideal woman, she would have many characteristics his mom actually has. For instance, your guy casually tells you during a conversation, “My mom makes the best strawberry cheesecake”. He’s “subtly” telling you he wishes you could bake him some too. It’s the same thing with exes. Although it’s a mutual rule to not talk about exes, conversations about them can’t always be helped. “She would always make me fresh juice in the morning”. While you’d hate the idea of becoming like his ex, you already have an inkling that she used to do something he enjoyed. So, instead of making him fresh juice, whip him up a big breakfast too.

Boost his morale but do so in moderation.

Finally, be generous with praises as they build a guy’s self-esteem. If you are successful in doing so, you will be able to establish meaningful emotional attraction with him. However, do this moderately or else you may sound too patronizing.

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