Make the T-Shirt Folding Machine

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Laundry is the important chore that normally most people enjoy. The most time consuming aspect is folding the laundry when it is clean. With the T-shirts making up the large chunk of most wardrobes, the commercial shirt-folding gadgets will have popped up anywhere. But, you do not need to spend your money for the fast and also efficient T-shirt folding machine. By using the cardboard and also duct tape, you will have the quick and also durable folding tool. Here is more information for you.

For the first step that you should do is that you need to cut the needed pieces of the cardboard. You will need the two rectangles cut to the 28 1/3 inches by the 9 4/5 inches, one every cut 28 1/3 inches by the 13 7/10 inches and the 14 1/5 inches by the 9 4/5 inches.

For the second step, you need to assemble the pieces. The largest piece will serve as a base. After that, place it with the long sides along the top and also bottom. Then, center one of 14 1/5-inch sides of a small rectangle on a base. You can place two long rectangles therefore the bottoms line up with the bottom of a small rectangle.

For the next step, tape the pieces in the place. You need to remove a small rectangle temporarily, without moving two long rectangles. After that, tape the inside edges of the long rectangles to a base. Then, flip them and also tape the reverse side of the entire taped edges. Replace a small rectangle and then tape the top edge to a base. Flip it and also tape a reverse side.

For the last step, begin the quick and also easy folding. You can place your newly constructed folding tool with a small rectangle on the bottom. Then, place a shirt with a neck even with the top of a tool and also fold in the sleeves. After that, flip a side rectangle in and also flip it back, flip a second rectangle in and then flip it back, flip a bottom rectangle up and then flip it back. Your t-shirt is now folding neatly and also quickly.

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