Magician Tricks – Learn Magic Tricks Using Items From Home – Part 6

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The Possessed Pendulum – A Depth Illusion

People sometimes mistakenly assume that magic tricks are supernatural events caused by spiritual forces, simply because they look so real. Magic tricks are not created by any supernatural means whatsoever but through some clever scientific methods. This series of articles presents some magic tricks you can easily learn and perform using readily available items from your home. The science, cause and effect, of each trick will be explained.

Materials You Will Need

a string about three feet (1meter) long

a heavy object to act as the pendulum (a small ball works well)

dark glasses that you can cut in half or a dark lens you can hold in front of your eye.


Tie the string to the heavy object, if you are using a ball wrap the string around the ball several times in order to hold the ball securely. Hang the pendulum in front of a blank wall. It should swing slowly from side to side.

Hand out dark glasses or lenses to your audience. Have them watch the pendulum swing with both eyes open and ask someone to describe the path of the pendulum.

Then have someone hold a dark lens in front of their right eye, still keeping both eyes open. Again have them describe the motion of the pendulum. It will appear to be swinging in an oval path in a clockwise direction.

Now have everyone switch the lens to the left eye. The pendulum will appear to change its direction of rotation. It will seem to be swinging in an oval path in a counter clockwise direction.

Illusion Explained

The brightness of an image affects the way light-sensitive cells in the retina respond. A very bright light causes nerves to fire a fraction of a second sooner than a dimmer light. Both eyes are looking at a moving object but one eye is covered by a darker lens so it will see the object as less bright than the uncovered eye. The nerves in the retina of the uncovered eye will send their message to the brain sooner than the covered eye, thus producing an illusion of depth. You will see the pendulum swinging in a circular path instead of simply swinging back and forth. When you change the lens to the other eye the pattern of motion is reversed.

This is great entertainment for a party. Perform some of these tricks that I am describing in this series for a fun filled party with your family and friends where not only will you entertain but you and your friends will learn the scientific principles that make these tricks possible.

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