Low Rise Jeans For Women

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Women have so many options to consider when buying a pair of jeans. One versatile style of jean are low rise jeans. These can be paired with a number of flirty styles and make a great addition to any closet.

Despite common perceptions, if you wear a pair that fit correctly, it doesn’t matter what your size is. The key is to avoid the “muffin top” look, which is usually done by buying a pair in a slightly stretchy material, and one size larger than you usually wear. Also, remember there are many different degrees of low rise. You can go ultra low, or just an inch or two below your belly button. If you are larger, start out with trying a more moderate low rise, it will look more flattering. For thin people you can experiment with all different rises.

Low rise jeans look great when paired with an empire waist top that flows and is loose at the waist. Another classic low waist style is to wear it with a chunky belt, drawing peoples attention to your waist. Wearing a bold bracelet or watch can also compliment low waisted pants. When you have your arms down, they naturally sit near your waist and will draw eyes to your hips and low riding pants. The same effect can be seen when wearing a purse that sits on that area. Many different shoes look good with this. Chunky heels, stilettos, and even the quirky converse sneaker can all be worn with this style (depending on your shirt of course!).

Before you buy these jeans, especially if you have never tried the style before, you should go to a big department store where you can try on many different kinds of jeans. Dark washes make people appear slimmer. Also experiment with brands that come in a variety of lengths so that you can get the perfect fit. Once you figure out your preferred style, head to the internet to get the best deals and sales on everything from the cheapest duds to the designer jeans! When you do get your pair home, the only thing left to do is wear them with confidence.

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