Lost And Found

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I remember watching this movie by the versatile actress, Michelle Pfeifer, who I initially knew, among her movies, as the feisty Catwoman in the highly acclaimed Batman installment, Batman Returns. On another occasion, she took the role of a daunting mother and photographer at the same time who lost a little boy on a high school reunion party. The next scenes would be those with tears and agonizing search and retrieve operation that for years turned out to be futile. Until one day a handsome young man turned out at her neighborhood. The next events led to the get-together of both of them. What an ideal movie about losing and eventually finding that lost loved one.

Today, finding a lost loved one may not pose to be a tragic chasing event as compared to probably ten years ago or fifteen years ago. Things have changed dramatically, this time for greater good. Finding the whereabouts of a dear one is just a click away, as long as he or she has a social security number.

For the last decade, we have seen a great advancement of technology in the aspect of research and investigation. Man has managed to transform its present technology into one that can do more and deliver more. The Central Intelligence

Agency, famously known as simple the CIA, spearheaded this breakthrough. They are the eyes and the ears of the United Stated government. It may be an understatement to say that there is nothing that this agency cannot find. As long as you are alive and breathing in air, they will find you.

Similarly, this technology, maybe in much lower forms today and probably not as sensitive as what the agency is using right now, has directly changed the way people find people today. Nonetheless, I still believe that this has been a major leap into the future of searching for people. As the world has progressed, the problem of losing loved ones has also increased. Yet, with this technology, more and more people are getting them back through various information that the search engines give. Perfection may still be a lot of work away, but a good start is definitely a treat to those who are in dire need of this life giving information.

In the coming years, this technology might transform again, maybe into more sensitive software and techniques, but as long as the concept is still there and as long as the intended purpose is still there, then, it might, after all, be worth all the hustle and the bustle.

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