Look For These Signs of Cheating in a Relationship – Should You Save Your Relationship Or Break Up?

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Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Then you need to look for these signs of cheating in a relationship. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there’s not always a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you to a dying relationship. You have to do the dirty work yourself.

Before you proceed in ruining your own relationship though, remember that just because your girlfriend or boyfriend is acting strange doesn’t mean there’s cheating involved. If you see the signs, however, you might want to take a closer look at what’s really going on.

Sometimes, you won’t notice signs of cheating at all. Some partners are excellent actors, and can keep their stories straight just as well as their faces. It’s never easy for the victim to figure out if there’s cheating going on, and it can be painful to figure these things out.

Here are seven signs that there is likely some cheating going on in your relationship. Don’t come to this conclusion based on just a few signs, however. Do your inspections thoroughly before making false accusations and breaking the two of you apart unnecessarily. However, a lot of evidence shows you something is probably wrong, so you might want to take a close look.

* Secret cell phone calls are top on the list of signs of cheating. Does your partner leave the room or duck into the bathroom in a public place to take a call? Were they just taught that this was the polite thing to do? Not likely. If it’s a routine they’ve just started up, cheating could be in the equation.

* Changes in appearance and hygiene are often signs of an affair. Does your partner usually douse himself in cologne before going to lunch without you, and does he always dress up in a button-down shirt and slacks? If not, he’s probably seeing someone behind their back. Does your partner put on makeup for you every Saturday, or has she just started doing it in the past month, when she’s also begun “meeting friends” every Saturday night? These could be bad signs.

* Increases in the number of arguments you have with your partner is often a sign of cheating in a relationship. Even white lies can show a person’s willingness to lie to you in general, so look for connections between lies and arguments when looking for signs of cheating.

* Does your partner need to be on the computer all the time for work? Or have they just started spending time on the laptop out of your presence recently? If so, they could be chatting with a separate fling. If they’re online all the time when you’re in bed or not at home, they are likely having an affair. But if they’re trying to start up a home business online, go easy. They could be doing it to see you more often, not less.

* Another sign of a fouled-up relationship is the way your friends act toward you. Do they start whispering when you come around, and give each other that “you-know” look? They might know something you don’t, and they might be feeling guilty about it.

* The last sign, and possibly the worst, is if your partner is accusing you of cheating. Well, are you? If you’re not, and you haven’t shown your own signs of cheating, they are possibly feeling guilty about their activities and are accusing you as a result of a guilty conscience.

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