Lindsay Lohan’s Sunglasses

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In today’s celebrity obsessed culture, stars wear their sunglasses like a master disguise. Of course, they rarely fool anyone, least of all Lindsay Lohan whose signature shades are almost as well known as her long flowing mane of hair. Lohan is rarely seen without her signature shades on. Day or night, covering her eyes or holding back her hair, Lohan changes sunglasses almost as often as she changes clothing. Lindsay Lohan is a part of the celeb set that have made sunglasses almost as big a fashion statement as what brand of jeans you’re wearing or what kind of shoes you have on are. Suddenly, women everywhere realize that their sunglasses make a statement.

A quick image search for Lindsay Lohan turns up literally millions of images. She is a paparazzi favorite. As you look through her photos, you will notice she is wearing sunglasses in nearly every photo. She doesn’t seem to wear the same pair too often. From Chanel to Tom Ford to Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer style, she makes each style she wears instantly hot and iconic. If Lindsay Lohan is wearing Ksubi sunglasses, suddenly teens and tweens and their older sisters and mothers are aware of the brand and mark them as a must have accessory for their wardrobe. Lindsay Lohan is often seen wearing the Jee Vice brand of sunglasses. Edgy and trendy, she prefers their “Evil” and “Red Hot” styles.

Celebs can be ostentatious, as evidenced by Lindsay Lohan’s pair of Nefarious Auric sunglasses. Reportedly, these glasses are 18K gold and sprinkled with real diamonds. Lindsay Lohan is also partial to sunglasses styles from the designer Chloe. She has been seen wearing Chloe 2125 and 2106. Chanel is a favorite of Lindsay Lohan, and she’s worn both the 5128 style and the 4160 style. Other favorite sunglasses brands that you will see her sporting include Alpina, Dior, Miyagi, and the Porsche line. Ksubi is a big favorite of Lindsay’s; she’s been seen wearing the Ifould style as well as the Chait, Milka, and Zawande. In Tom Ford sunglasses, Lindsay likes the Cary, the Margaux and the Ford TF03.

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