Let’s Put Christ Back Into Christmas (This Year)

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I love pretty much, all music. Well, –except for a few genres I care not to reveal. My preferences lie in traditional country, classic rock and roll, easy listening and jazz. I am pretty proud of my music library at home. It is one of my prize possessions. I spend a great deal of time at this hobby and part time job.

When November rolls around, I gather up all my Christmas music to get prepared for the holiday season. I add Christmas music to my ipod, so I can take it on the road with me and listen to it in my car and at work. I love to put it in the shuffle mode. That way I don’t know what to expect. It’s the best of both worlds–no disc jockey, no commercials.

I love Christmas music, although some of it makes me sad when it should make me happy. The sad part is when I think of my family and loved ones who aren’t with me any longer. I think of my happy childhood this time of the season.

The other day, I was looking through my Christmas music collection and pulled out the most beautiful song I have ever heard. The song was entitled, Let’s Put Christ Back Into Christmas (This Year), sung by the late, great, First Lady of Country Music–my all time favorite female country music singer–Tammy Wynette. Man, what a voice.

Let me share with you this very special Christmas song. The lyrics are as follows:

Let’s Put Christ Back Into Christmas (This Year)

Unto you is born this day a Savior

A baby boy was found there in a manger

The blessed truth of Christmas let us hear

Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year

Christmas is the Birthday of our King

The greatest gift of all He came to bring

He’s the Prince of Peace

Let’s show Him that we care

Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year

On this day three wise men saw a star

They followed it with gifts and traveled far

And praised the baby Jesus lying there

So let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year

Let within your heart His praises ring

And celebrate the day our Savior came

May peace on earth at Christmas time appear

Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year

Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year


Let’s Put Christ Back Into Christmas (This Year) is available on Tammy Wynette’s CD, Christmas With Tammy. It is also, available on cassette and LP.

Year after year, a lot of us allow ourselves to get stressed out from all the busy shopping and the parties we are expected to attend. Sadly enough, we also feel loneliness, despair and depression. If we all take a deep breath and try to relax, things could be better.

It’s best not to try to lead yourself into thinking you need to satisfy everybody. You’re not expected to. If we don’t meet our goals–so what. The important part is to get the real spirit of Christmas.

Some will attend church services during the Christmas season. There they will find positive people surrounding them with positive attitudes. Some will indulge themselves in drunken parties. Others will condemn them and feel their true spirit of Christmas are distracted, and they will only make them feel lost and alone–unattached from their feelings.

Some will go for the real Christmas spirit. They will do something nice for someone. They will visit a nursing home or a hospital to greet a resident or patient. They will volunteer their services at a local mission, food bank or the Salvation Army. They will bring gifts and their love to everybody.

This Christmas season could be a very, happy one. Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year.

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