Learn Spanish Software Review – 3 Learn Spanish Software Courses Reviewed

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If you are like me, you have to do a lot of research before you commit to anything. Me, I MUST know what the major critics think of a movie before I spend money to see it, so you can imagine how much time I went into figuring out what the best learn Spanish software is. Here are the 3 I liked the best, there is no clear cut winner but there will be one that stands out for you and your individual needs.

1. Learn Spanish Software Review – Pimsleur Spanish

One of the reasons why I’m doing this software review is because of how much I love Pimsleur Spanish; it really is great. For those of you who can withstand mind-numbing repetition, this course will embed the language deep into your skull where your personality and motor skills lie. The reason why this is is because the inventor, Paul Pimsleur, was an expert on memory, which he applied to learning languages. For those of you who don’t mind paying top dollar (over $800) and fairly intense repetition, then Pimsleur Spanish may just be for you.

2. Learn Spanish Software Review – Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz Spanish is produced by the relatively new company Fluenz, those philosophy on teaching people new languages flies in the face of a lot of products that say, “learn Spanish the way you learned your first language as a child”. Fluenz Spanish caters for teens and adults, which is a refreshing approach, and probably relevant to you, dear reader, as I’m assuming you’re not 3 years old. Fluenz is perfect for those who don’t mind being tied to their computer to learn Spanish, and can also take a solid hit to the wallet ($357).

3. Learn Spanish Software Review – Rocket Spanish

I’m sure that if you’ve been looking for learn Spanish software reviews online, then you’ve heard of Rocket Spanish. Rocket Spanish has elements of Pimsleur and Fluenz, with an audio segment that is similar to Pimsleurs, and some interactive games like Fluenz. Overall it’s quality is comparable to Pimsleur and Fluenz without their expense, with Rocket Spanish weighing in at a little under a $100. Rocket Spanish is for people with a medium motivation level (the games are quite fun and you don’t need discipline to do them) and don’t want to spend a lot of money, which I’d guess would be most people.

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