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To Learn Hebrew Online can be done by watching Israeli movies. They are an excellent tool to introduce adults not only to the culture of a nation with its conflicts, frustrations, hopes, and dynamics, but also to its language. By watching the movies, the learners experience the language in context. It is not just learning grammar and sentence structures, but it is experiencing its heartbeat – it is alive.

The use of Israeli film can be used as a tool to follow the changes that have taken place in Israeli society since its birth. The early years of the film industry in Israel is characterized by Zionistic, heroic and propaganda movies. Through the years the stories become more complex. They deal with different aspects of the Israeli community and examine and focus on the principles, dilemmas and conflicts experienced in the land. The movies become more and more critical of its society and show the strength as well as the weaknesses of Israel.

To learn Hebrew online, the learner can connect with other friends who watch the same movie, and then discuss it on line, or, one can register to a group that is monitored and directed by a professional teacher.

Some of the recommended movies that portray a change in the Israeli culture are; Masa Alunkot, 1977, The Troupe, 1978, Avanti Popolo, Bannot, 1985, 1986, Late Summer Blues, 1987, Echad Mishelanu, 1989, Lo Sam Zain, 1997, HaHesder, 2000, Kippur, 2000, Yossi and Jagger, 2002, Close to Home, 2005, Beaufort 2007, Waltz With Bashir, 2008.

The movies show how the image of the soldiers changes from the handsome strong, Zionist, to the soldier who has doubts, has weaknesses and can even cry. They portray the compassionate Israeli society to one that questions its morality. Israeli culture has changed from being purely Zionistic to a country that allows itself to doubt, to ask questions, and to criticize itself. This can be seen as a sign of maturity and confidence not necessarily a weakness. The Israeli film highlights the changes in the attitude towards Zionism, Arabs, occupation, war, government, army, entertainment, and homosexuality, and more.

Learning Hebrew on line, or watching movies online, is flexible in time. You choose day and time. It can be done from the convenience of your home or office – needs no traveling, no traffic. Some of it can be via Free audio/video communication tools, and if the language is too difficult, one can repeat it as many times as he/she needs to.

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