Keeping Your Baby Snug and Safe

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Cold weather always seems to be around the corner. We picture warm, fresh springs and lovely hot summers arriving but they come and go too quickly, that is if they ever happen! So having a winter wardrobe is much more important to build up than your collection of shorts and t-shirts, especially for your baby.

Babies are fragile little things that have been brought into the big wide world, unable to face their own problems and being 100% reliant on you to take good care of them. Of course you want what is best for your child but sometimes knowing what the right or wrong answer is can be a tricky decision. It is something you will come across all of the time though. You will get used to making these choices and some will be completely obvious which is great because sometimes you never get a moment’s peace to think.

One decision you make every day for both yourself and your baby is what clothes to put on. This to some is the easiest choice in the world but others can find it difficult to pick which outfit to wear. You have to take into consideration style, the weather and how long they have to leave the house by. With all this it can become quite a complex situation! This is especially true when you have a young one because you need to make sure they are dressed appropriately to face whatever the weather is as well as gathering up all of their essential bits and bobs. They feel the cold and heat much more than we do and are open to becoming ill more easily when exposed to these environments.

Winter weather occurs much more frequently so getting stocked up on big wooly fleeces, jumpers and socks will be important. When you have a baby one of the main emphases of care surrounds their head. They are born with a little body and a bit of a big bobble head on the top. A baby’s head needs to be fully supported as they do not have the muscle strength to do this alone as of yet. A high percentage of heat is lost through the top of the head so it remains important to cover this when out and about. Buying hats to make sure they do not lose heat unnecessarily should be a given.

Nobody can tell you how to raise your child. Along the way you will be given hints and tips by people you meet all the time. In the end all you can do is to raise them to the best of your ability and know-how. If you teach them the right things young they should stick with them, just like they have with you from your mother, without you even realising sometimes.

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