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Teenage boys can often be very hard to buy clothes for, they are at that age when they want to look cool and fashionable, and keep up with their friends but at the same time they are rarely willing to actually go shopping to select the clothes they want! The best solution to this problem is often to buy them jeans. There are so many different styles, colours and makes of jeans that there will always be a pair that suit them and they never go out of fashion.

The average American has 6 pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, which is almost a pair for each day of the week! But really, who can blame them? Jeans go with everything and can be dressed down and casual or can be worn with smart shoes and a shirt for smart-casual occasions. This is one of the reasons why they are so great for boys and in particular, teenage boys. A lot of the time they do not want to be dressed in smart black pants and a shirt and tie, it is simply too formal and too “grown up” for a teenager. However, they can look smart and be happy and comfortable with themselves in a pair of dark blue or black denim jeans and a plain button down shirt.

Boys can also wear jeans for doing more practical, every day activities such as riding their bikes, skateboarding, rollerblading or even shooting some hoops! Jeans for boys are usually stone-washed which makes them feel and look worn out. This gives the benefit of making the denim fabric a lot less stiff and a lot more flexible, allowing the wearer to move around more. The denim remains very protective however, which is why it is so good for doing these kinds of activities. If they have a fall, they won’t get a cut or graze on their leg, only on their jeans, which actually seems to add to the look rather than distract from it!

Many boys choose to customize their jeans by cutting them and ripping them slightly, particularly around the knees. To get the “torn” look, all you have to do is make a small incision in the denim where you want the rip to be, and then put two of your fingers from both hands into it and pull in opposite directions. This ensures that the tear looks genuine and not a straight edged, scissor cut (which obviously wouldn’t be cool!). You can also buy sew on patches or iron on patches to put on jeans, again making them more individualized. Some jeans for boys [ even come with a bag of these which you can add as you like. A great place to add a badge or a patch is on the back pocket of jeans.

Jeans are the perfect staple of any boy’s wardrobe, they are hard wearing, comfortable, reasonably priced and more importantly, they never go out of fashion and your boy will never look “so last century!”

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