It Takes a Bit of Common Sense, Thinking and Effort to Get Your Ex Back in Your Life

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Do you know that in most cases, it is always the female partner who calls the shots to dump the guys? The guys tend to be the docile ones who try to stay on in the relationships. When this happens, most guys will be figuring out just how to win their loves back. Actually, it is pure common sense and a little effort on your part to win your ex back. Some guys simply hang on to the relationship out of sheer inertia even though it is anything but exciting. For the majority who look up upon the partners excitedly as soul mates, these guys will go all out to win them back.

It is without prejudice, to say that generally female partners are fickle-minded, and they tend to react impulsively at first and subsequently end up with a feeling of regret in their actions. Their emotions tend to dictate the course of their actions. In some cases, they end up feeling remorseful of their actions. When such actions happen, you will be able to determine whether she still loves you, and surely you will have every chance to get her back.

What happens now is that you have to make her come to you. But you must take caution here not to get too pushy with her and bombard her with numerous calls, sending her tons of texts or behave in a way that will only irritate her. Move on with the idea that you want her to perceive that you are accepting the break up. You may even consider going out with her circle of girlfriends on a social basis. Ask yourself if you have changed in any manner from the time she first fell in love with you.

Are you still treating her with the same respect she envisioned of you the first time you came into her life? Simple gestures – opening the car door for her, buying her gifts or even romancing her the way you started out with her – will determine how you will win her heart back.

And when you get the chance to meet your girlfriend, subtly remind her of your close bond with her. Wearing a shirt that she gave you as your birthday gift, or putting on your finger her friendship ring to you, or reminiscing positively about your past will create a nostalgic feeling inside her.

Move on with your socializing. Invite her out with you circle of friends to the beach or other social events. Mingle around with your friends and other female acquaintances but always pay attention to her presence at all times. When she sees you in an attractive manner how you conduct yourself, you are half way over the hurdle in winning your ex back.

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