Is Grunge Returning in Times of Crisis?

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What people don’t realize is that the so called Seattle Grunge scene grew out of several gourmet close-knit supper clubs – we would only pick up guitars to pass the time while our dishes were simmering, baking, boiling etc. — Kurt Cobain, Musician

Several sources throughout the fashion world state, that 2009 again will see a return of Grunge and retro style. After seeing the 80s retro trend descending it seems like we will experience another fashion revival, this time from the 90s: the Grunge style.

As we could already see on Alexander Wang’s collection for Autumn / Winter 2008 it started with ripped tights and laddered stockings. Seems like a first indication of what is going to come in this season. Also the good old “ripped jeans” are returning on several photos of celebs like Lindsey Lohan and Lily Allen. A first indication of this trend could already be notified in last years summer collection of Christopher Kane. Also tartans are back in the game, as we can recognize them nearly everywhere (on skirts, shirts, as part of tops etc.). They were also a major ingredient for this fashion stream back in the early nineties.

Back in those days a lot of designers tried to copy what was primarily shown as a defiance of the styles of the late 80s by musicians like the above mentioned Kurt Cobain and Soundgarden’s lead singer Chris Cornell. Interesting here was, that some of the most important designers following that trend like Marc Jacobs. He created appearances that looked like affordable for everyone, but were high quality and therefore quite expensive.

An interesting fact is, that all these fashion trends reappear mostly in times of trouble. Like the mother of all these protest movements – Punk – first was seen in the late 70s in the UK when times were changing and old rules seem to be overcoming. The same goes with Grunge in the early 90s (priming was Nirvana’s revolutionary album “Nevermind” in 1991) where the world again was in severe economic troubles. As we are facing another crisis today and see the Grunge style reanimated we can see that this seems to be more than a coincidence. It seems that vintage styles are always up to date, when the world is going to be turned upside down.

So what will we see worn by celebs and models in 2009? There are several things, already mentioned above that from the authors point of view will have a huge impact on the mass market in 2009

  • tartans, mainly in red and black or red and white
  • ripped of jeans and stockings but in a somehow very sexy way this time
  • roughened fabrics
  • tank tops
  • big glasses
  • tattoo style (like Ed Hardy) will reach a new peak

So – as a conclusion – the style for this and the next season will be less glamourous and more casual as mentioned before. Let us all see, where that goes.

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