Iron Maiden Music Career and Extraordinary Line Up Changes

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The original line up of the band, did not last for long; the first person to be fired from the band was Paul Day, because he did not have energy and charisma when performing on stage. The band replaced Paul with Dennis Wilcock. Harris was forced to dissolve Iron Maiden in 1976, because of frustrations but the band reformed again, after a few months the same year. The only constant members in the group were Steve Harris and Dave Murray. These members featured in all Iron Maiden albums and performed in all the band shows.

In 1977, the posse recruited another member, Bob Sawyer but he was later fired, from the group because he embarrassed the group in a concert. He was playing guitar with his teeth. Personal differences emerged between Murray and Wilcock. Wilcock Convinced Harris to sack Murray and Ron Matthews from Iron Maiden. Harris was forced to come up with a new line up, which was comprised of Barry Purkis, Tony Moore and Terry Wapram. The new line up performed their first concert in a pub, situated in Canning Town but was performed very poorly, this forced Harris to fire Dough Sampson and Moore from the band. After a few months, Dennis Wilcock decided to quit from the band and went to create his own band. This forced Harris to bring back Dave Murray to the band.

The group recorded a demo in 1978, which was composed of more than two songs. The band hoped that, the demo was going to help them get more gigs. The band sent a copy to Neal Kay, who was managing a club known as Bandwagon Heavy. When Neal heard the tape, he started to play the demo regularly at the club. One of Iron Maiden songs, in the demo “Prowler” managed to become number one, in the sound house charts. Rod Smallwood also requested a copy of the demo, from the band and became the band manager. As the popularity of the group increased steadily, Iron Maiden decided that they are going, to be releasing the demo, on their own record label.

In 1979, the band decided to sign a record deal with EMI. They also requested Adrian Smith to join the band but he refused, because he had his own band and he was very busy. This forced, Iron Maiden to recruit Dennis Stratton in to the group. After a few months, Dough Sampson decided to quit from the band because of health issues.

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