Intimate Clothing – Dressing Up For a Girls Night Out

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If you are planning on attending a girls night out you should start thinking about what you are going to wear. A girls night out can be a very fun and exciting occasion, whether it is in celebration of something or just for a regular get together. You can plan a girls night out to celebrate a bachelorette party, a promotion, or a reunion. Your wardrobe should also be determined by where you will be spending the evening and what the weather is expected to be like.

A girls night out is often an opportunity to dress you best, or at least to make some sort of an adjustment to your regular day wear. Any requirements for outfits are usually listed on the invitation, although the group may decide on an arrangement later on. A girls night out may ask guests to wear coordinated colors, costumes, flashy clothing, or formal wear. Other occasions may require more laid back clothing like jeans and T-shirts.

When picking out costumes for a girls night out you should make sure that you stick to the theme of the occasion. If a costume is required they invitation will usually specify a type of costume to wear. For example, you may want all your guests to come dressed as devils. You can choose to wear a full costume or just a few accessories. If you don’t want to invest the time or money into a full costume you might just want to create one by wearing coordinating colors and makeup.

If you are just going out to a restaurant or spa you may want to spice up the occasion by wearing matching colors. This allows each person to pick out something that they really want to wear, and usually means no extra expenses. Another popular girls night out trend is to wear matching hats, like the Red Hat Society. If you are hosting the party you can offer each of your guests matching accessories like feather boas, beaded necklaces, or bathrobes.

If you are attending a girls night out for a bachelorette party the wardrobe may call for a bit more flashy approach. This is all in the spirit of the occasion, and as long as very conservative guests are kept off the invite list it can be a very fun experience. You may want to find an outfit with a low cut shirt, a mini skirt, or cut off jeans for a nice effect. You can even create your own costume just for the occasion.

While some parties are meant to be fun and a bit more risky, there are those which require a more formal approach. This would include reunions and events for older friends or family. For these you should come dressed in formal attire. A nice dress or a pair of black or grey business pants with a pretty top works well on these occasions. Regardless of what you wear you should always feel comfortable. If you are having a hard time deciding what you want to put on you may want to call a few other guests to see what they are going to wear.

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