In Search of Sponsors For Racing Lawn Mowers

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In most types of racing, you have the chance to raise funds to help you reach your target of being a winner.  You won’t win just because you have raised money, but the more money you have raised the more you can dedicate to improving your talent, hard work, and determination. This article contains a few hints for picking up the sponsors that are going to help you get to the finish line.  

Marketing professional are always on the lookout for an opportunities to promote their products. Just check out your favorite televised racing event. You will see commercial logos pasted on anything that moves, even people.  The products promoted will be anything you can imagine, from soft drinks to hard drinks to tools. There have even been promotions for newly released movies and musicians.


Now that racing lawn mowers has become an accepted sport on the national level, your chances of being sponsored are the best they ever been.  From the viewpoint of that marketing professional, racing lawn mowers are racing commercials.  Collaborating to market a product is an all around winner.  The sponsors move more merchandise, and you move your mower to the winner’s circle.


Before you start looking for a sponsor, you should create a portfolio, one that looks very professional.  Don’t worry, this is nothing more than a listing of your past racing undertakings and prospective campaigns.  Think about including several pictures of you, your team and your racing lawn mowers.


Your photos should show a well-groomed, professional team.  A filthy mower and a “uniform” of torn jeans and a t-shirt are not liable to be the profile a major sponsor will want to show their clients. Wearing team uniforms or matching T-shirts will bring you an amazing amount of attention.  It will clearly show the sponsor that he is working with a professional team that will be a proud symbol of his company.


Set up a financial plan.  Marketing professionals will want to see how their sponsorship contribution is being used.  Show all your operating costs such as engines, parts, tools, labor, travel, gas, meals, and hotels.


Think about creating a postcard to hand out fans at the races. A postcard will also demonstrate that you are dedicated to the sport and promoting yourself and your sponsor.  You can make one your computer for pennies.  Include a professional team picture on the front with statistics and specifications or a racing schedule on the back.  


This is standard sales work; so don’t be disheartened when your request is turned down.  Just keep right on smiling and go forward with the next potential sponsor. Begin with smaller sponsors; it’s harder to find one large company to foot the whole bill than to find a few smaller sponsors who would divide the bill. 


Congratulations, you found a sponsor. Do you think your work is finished? No, now you must keep on promoting the sport and your sponsor to sustain your sponsorship and to continue the monetary support.  Keep your sponsor updated on your season by sending an email with the racing results. Give you sponsor some of those famous postcards with the schedule to distribute to his employees.  Most important of all, present a copy of that first winning race photo with the sponsor’s logo displayed for all to see.

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