Important Factors to Be Aware of for Getting Printed Wholesale Shirts

Starting a shirt business of your own is one of the best ways to set foot into the apparel industry without having to rob a bank. As technology becomes increasingly available to us, bringing so much benefit to us in our lives, the price of technology is also decreasing and making everything all the more affordable to us. In this modern age there is no difficulty at all in setting up a shirt business. The reason why I am emphasizing on shirts only is because this form of garment is the simplest and yet the one you can experiment with the most. You can add your own creativity and logos to your shirts in the cheapest way possible.

The best way to incorporate your own designs into shirts is by going for wholesale shirts distributors that offer printing options as well. These days the market is flooded with all kinds of wholesale shirts distributors. Now the choice is up to you. You can go for the simplest option which is to purchase another brand’s wholesale shirts and sell them ahead or purchase a lot of unbranded wholesale shirts and sell them. The third great option for all those people who love to experiment with their own creativity is to approach only those wholesale shirts suppliers that are willing to manufacture shirts according to your design and print orders.

This article is geared more towards getting shirts of the printable variety so you can add your own spin and customize your shirts for your customers. Here it is important that you gain awareness regarding the different printing options available for these shirts. The most popular choice for businesses in these shirts is to go for the heat transfer printing option. This is the simplest option for these shirts because all you have to do is forward a photo or design image to the manufacturer and they will simply press that onto the shirts you are ordering. If you are ordering a small quantity of these shirts than this option will be more affordable. However this method of heat transfer is not quite long lasting. It does not even work well on all colored fabrics, so you might have to limit your choice here when ordering these shirts.

The next option for printed clothes is vinyl transfers. This again uses the same formula of pressing a design, logo, or print onto a shirt but here the disadvantages involved with heat transfer printing are minimized. If you choose this option in your clothes you will be able to get more color options because vinyl transfers works great on colored fabric too. You can also enjoy layering up different colors to get higher quality prints on your clothes. This can add a lot to the quality of your clothes and your customers will enjoy purchasing from you because of the more variety that you will have to offer. However this method of getting printed clothes is not that cheap and is more suited for smaller orders.

The third option for printed clothes is the sublimation method. Here you have the freedom to use colored and synthetic surfaces for your printing. In this new technique ink is turned into gas through careful heating thus giving a higher quality transfer as compared to the traditional method of heat transfer printing of clothes. But the problem here is that the demand for synthetic clothes is not that high. People usually do not like wearing synthetic shirts and therefore you will need to carry more variety at your store. You cannot do business with synthetic clothes alone. These factors will help you decide which type of printed clothes best suits your needs and budget.

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