How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating Permanently

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People who suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating are often focused on how to stop excessive underarm sweating. This is no surprise since the problem causes much embarrassment and discomfort for the patient. Without meaning to, they constantly look anxious, worried, or like they’ve just run a marathon, which often affects their work and/or personal life. Plus they often end up ruining many of their shirts.

There are a few ways a person can stop excessive underarm sweating. The three most common involve losing weight and using anti-perspirants, trying out Botox, and coming up with a coping method or system which the patient can do throughout the day. Other options, such as surgery, are often seen as the last resort, done when other methods or techniques have tried and failed.

Botox, more commonly used for cosmetic purposes, such as smoothening skin or preventing wrinkles. Administered through injections, the FDA recently approved its use for hyperhidrosis, specifically axillary hyperhidrosis. It is the most effective method to stop excessive underarm sweat because the toxin is able to occupy or arrest the sweat transmitters in the underarm, preventing the brain from sending sweating signals. Because the signals cannot go through, the person ceases to sweat.

The treatment is easily administered, and an injection lasts anywhere from four to seven months. At the end of the period, however, the patient will have to return to their doctor for another set of injections. Though effective, the cost of the injections, usually in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, often prevent people from using this as a long term method. It is also not covered by most HMOs.

Other people, on the other hand, are uncomfortable with this form of treatment because Botox is a toxin; the deadliest one known to man, and some people are allergic to the toxin even in the small amounts it comes in for medical purposes. Those who aren’t willing to take the risk or who are simply not comfortable with the idea of a toxic substance in their body, will have to turn to other methods of stopping excessive underarm sweating.

Perhaps the safest way to stop excessive underarm sweat is to come up with a system that can be done throughout the day, coupled by a change in diet and lifestyle. An everyday system that involves hygiene, sweat pads, extra shirts, and getting to know your body’s sweat cycles is more cost effective than Botox, and it also helps you fully understand your problem. Perhaps the sweating only occurs in certain situations or at a specific temperature, details you wouldn’t have learned if using Botox. A change in diet can also affect the body and make it sweat less. Many patients are surprised by how what they eat affects their body’s systems. Eating healthier, hydrating better, and cleansing often can change a lot of the body’s responses.

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