How to Stop Excessive Sweating Tips

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Sweating is a natural process which our bodies use to regulate our temperature. It is normal to sweat when we are in a warm climate or experiencing mental or emotional distress; this is a perfectly natural reaction to environmental or social stimulus. However, some people are afflicted with the problem of excessive sweating (also known as hyperhydrosis). For those who have to live with this problem, the question of how to stop excessive sweating is one which is always on their minds.

Excessive sweating is a problem which can cause a great deal of social discomfort – even to the point where those who suffer from excessive sweating will avoid social situations where they know that they are likely to sweat. This is a problem which can be very embarrassing and even damaging to self esteem, not to mention the shirts that can be ruined by this unfortunate problem. The answer to how to stop excessive sweating may be closer at hand than you think however; welcome news to those who struggle with the problem. In mild cases, merely using antiperspirants regularly can be the answer – of course, underarm sweating is only one way in which the problem can manifest itself.

There are a wide variety of products available at your local pharmacy and over the internet which promise to be the last word in how to stop excessive sweating; but as those who have tried these products know all too well, they often fail to deliver on their promises. There are some simple lifestyle changes which you can make that will at the least provide a measure of relief from the problem of excessive sweating. One is to drink plenty of water and to adjust one’s diet to avoid foods known to promote sweating; these include caffeine and alcohol. This can help reduce sweating. Another way is to avoid wearing clothing which is tight fitting, since friction against your skin can stimulate your body to sweat. These clothes are usually warmer than are loose fitting clothes too, which is also no help if you suffer from excessive sweating.

There are some new remedies which can be an answer to how to stop excessive sweating, at least for a time. One such treatment is Botox, the well known wrinkle treatment. This is made from the same toxin which causes food poisoning; but can be used to temporarily deactivate your sweat glands, providing temporary cessation of sweating in problem areas. However, this is an expensive solution which offers only short term relief; and the long term effects of Botox use are not yet known. Most will want to avoid this remedy for excessive sweating and look for other methods.

There are natural products on the market today which can be the answer to how to stop excessive sweating. With a little research you may be able to find a product which can give you lasting relief from the personal and social discomfort which excessive sweating can cause and finally get your confidence – and your life back.

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