How to Seduce an Older Man? Here Is the Vital Advice You Need If You Want to Seduce Him

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As a man ages his testosterone levels drop and hence although the mind is willing the body does not respond. Hence seducing an older man is difficult but not impossible. The hormone testosterone is responsible for a man’s sexual urges and the body can be tricked into secreting this hormone even in old age. Here are some ways you can seduce an older man.

Artificial supplementation

There are several pills, lotions and therapies that can do this. However, you need medial supervision to undergo these therapies. Make sure you are in good hands when you opt for this option.

Skin show

Men will remain men and this one reason why the porn industry is booming. It has been found in studies conducted all over the globe that more or equal numbers of older men watch porn as young men. Take your man to see an erotic dance or watch a DVD at home and turn him on.

Talk dirty

Nothing turns on an older man more than dirty talk while you are seducing him. Take control of the proceedings and talk dirty. Be authoritative and demand that he do what you want. You may also ask he what he wants and in no time he will be raring to go.

Role play

Enacting his fantasies is one way of turning him on. Ask him what his deepest desires are and then go on and do the stuff with the full paraphernalia dress, uniform and sex toys. Older men are generally in a position of authority and they would either want the role reversed or will want to assert their authority in the act. Show your willingness to go with the flow and he will be unable to resist you.

Subtle sexual advances

Another way would be to arouse him subtly. Move around your home scantily dressed and see that your assets are well exposed. Wearing nothing but only a shirt as you go about doing your chores or wearing nothing under your skirt and bending over to pick up something will instantly have the desired result.

Show him that you want him

Your actions should suggest that the age difference between the two of you is of no concern to you. Once you show that you want him desperately he will be aroused.

Have patience

Don’t expect your man to be a raging bull. This seduction is going to take time and you need to be patient. If you play your cards right you can look forward to an extended session of passionate lovemaking.

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