How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

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Your imagination can go wild with these homemade Halloween costumes. You can buy your accessories separately and use them to put together a Halloween costume or you can start from scratch and make your costume. If you like sewing you can start with one of many patterns available.

Dracula or vampire costumes can be made with a long black cape and a dark suit. You need to add some vampire teeth and you may want to include a bit of fake blood and white face paint to make your skin seem pale.

Barbie costume can be put together with a blonde wig, a bikini and a pair of high heels. Over stuffing the bikini top helps pull off this look.

Car costume is made out of a card board box. This works best for toddler sized kids. You paint the box to look like a car, the top opens up and you wear it like shorts using suspenders or yarn over the shoulders to hold it up. The car fits around your child’s waist and the child sticks out of the top like a race car driver or you can color the child to be a flag pole and make the car be a monster truck. There are many variations available, let your creativity flow with this one.

Pizza delivery man is fairly easy; you just need a pizza box. Most pizza places will give you a box for your costume; you can often get one of their paper hats as well. A fake name tag on your t-shirt can complete your costume.

Robot costumes have been fun to make for over 30 years now. A few card board boxes and some aluminum foil can make the cutest homemade robot costume. Cut boxes to fit like pants and shirts with one box stacked on the other then cover with foil. You put on the boxes over top of your clothing and you can cover arms and legs with smaller boxes that are covered with foil.

Angel costumes can be made of all white clothing, including a white dress, along with a set of wings and a halo. The halo is easy to make with a wire coat hanger and some foil. The halo is attached to the back of the collar with either tape or it can be sewn in. The wire hanger is bent so that the halo itself is above the head of the person wearing the costume. Wings can be made by shaping wire hangers into wing shapes and then stretching white nylons or white fabric (many types can work) over the frame. Attach to the back of the shirt or dress and your angel is complete.

Jack-in-the-box is done quite a bit like the robot costume. This homemade Halloween costume is simple to create and the effect is quite impressive. You take a large cardboard box and decorate it with bright colors. A crank handle can be made out of empty bathroom tissue and paper towel rolls covered with foil. The top of the box is held open allowing you to stick your upper body out of the box. Dressing up like a clown helps this look.

There are many other homemade costumes you can make. Make-up can also be homemade. Either a shortening based make-up made of 1 part shortening 2 parts corn starch and food coloring or the cosmetics you have on hand can be used to finish the look.

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