How to Make Wooden Freshwater Fishing Lures – Simple Practical Tips

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One of the best ways of catching a fish is by using an artificial lure. Some lures on the market today claim to be so good at catching the big one, it is illegal to use in some fishing tournaments. The type of lure that is growing in popularity is the wooden freshwater fishing lure.

These fishing lures can be found in just about any department store and can be found on web sites dedicated to fishing and sporting equipment. The prices vary, depending on the brand and size of the lure. There is a less expensive alternative to purchasing a store bought lure. With just a few supplies, a wooden fishing lure can be made in a matter of minutes. The following is one of the easiest ways to create a wooden lure.

1. Cut an aluminum can and flatten it into a thin sheet of material. Be careful when cutting and shaping sheet metal, it can quickly turn into bodily injury.

2. With shears sharp enough for sheet metal, cut spoon shaped pieces from the sheet of aluminum. They should taper on the end and a variety of sizes is suggested. These pieces should resemble a small fish such as a minnow.

3. Next, cut slits in the head of a pinhead clothes pin. It should be around a half of an inch thick. After putting some adhesive in the cuts, put the metal pieces down in the slits.

4. A hole should be drilled for the gluing of the hook. The hook should be secured by an adhesive such as Super glue.

5. The legs of the clothespin should be cut off flush with the head of the pin. When that is accomplished, a hole can be drilled in the front of the head so that straight pins with beads can be added for the look of eyes.

6. The final step is to paint the lure. Most fish tend to be attracted to bright colors such as red, orange and yellow.

The freedom of experimentation is just one of the advantages to creating unique wooden freshwater fishing lures that can be used for years to come. Be careful when making this type of lure. Use thick gloves when handling and forming sheet metal.

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