How to Lose Your Love Handles Fast With 3 Easy Tips on Cardio, Abs and Food That Carves Your Abs

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You may be spending a lot of time researching on how to lose your love handles fast. You can spend many hours in the gym, workout so hard and you can look so good in your t-shirts. But off the shirt, the final verdict that decides whether all your time has been well-spent in the gym is when you start revealing whats underneath the shirt. People judge your results not by the arms, the legs but in the abs. That six pack abs that make people who have it look like they are in an exclusive club.

But when we say abs, it is not just any six pack abs but abs that are so deep in separation that it totally defines you. But in order to achieve these results, you will have to know all about the best training tips that join the six pack abs club.

One of the best ways to get rid of fats will be to do interval training. Interval training melts fats faster in faster times than just jogging at a constant pace long distance. So reduce the time you spent on the treadmill and start incorporating sprint trainings.

Tip 1: For your cardio training, start at a brisk walking speed for about 3 minutes. Then start a 30 second sprint. Rest for 1.5 minutes and repeat the process again.

In order to get maximum results via this training methods, apply this method 4 times per week and each session should be able 20 minutes.

Tip 2: Abs Training Portion: Use these 4 exercises to build deep definition abs (each exercise will be 3 sets with 20 repetitions):

– Hanging leg lifts

– Seated leg lifts

– Swiss ball crunches

– Oblique twists with a medicine ball

Tip 3: Food Portion: Reduce Fats With Carbs

Your biggest muscle fuel will be carbohydrates as they can keep your muscles full and workouts intense. But most important thing you have to know is to avoid ‘white’ carbohydrates. If possible, find substitutes for your food.

Instead of white bread, take wholemeal bread. All these have less sugar and high fiber content should it will definitely works for you. If you got to have potatoes, why not replace it with yam. Remember to find replacements.

Hopefully, these 3 tips will be sufficient for your workouts to start reducing weight. So start introducing cardio training to your training program, do the abs training either in the morning or at night, and finally avoid your “white” carbo.

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