How to Get Him to Ask You Out! Do This and Men Would Naturally Ask You Out a Lot

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You have a big crush on this guy at the office and you are dreaming that one day he would ask you out. But as time goes by, you realize that he would never do it even if it takes forever. Because it is very awkward for a woman to ask a man on a date, plus the possibility of getting rejected is very embarrassing and traumatic, you should create a plan so that you can get him to ask you out. Here are seven tips:

Talk to him about a movie or an event that you really love to go to.

Make sure it’s something he is interested in. Get talking about the cast of the movie, for instance, and how much you’d like to see it. Then, subtly, hint that you have two tickets but don’t have anyone to go to. Stop right there. You’re not asking him out. Instead, wait for him to say, “Why don’t we go together? I’ll pick you up at 8.”

Make him talk about an event or a movie that he wants to go to.

So this time, listen around for something he’d really like to see, and make sure you appear eager and interested to be part of the action. Once he sees that you and he share very similar taste, he will not hesitate to ask you out because he’ll know you’re going to say yes instantly.

Be the center of attention.

At a party, do your best to be the center of attention, in a good way. Don’t be flinging your arms around on the dance floor. Some girls work their magic simply by looking stunning and confident. All the men will want to buy you a drink or get to know you, and he will ache to be the one who gets to ask you out. It’s a competition. Make him work for it.

Make yourself fun to be with when you are with other people.

People love a girl who knows how to converse intelligently and to throw a great joke once in a while. When he sees this, he will begin to imagine how you would be like when he asks you out on a date, and will envision the two of you just having fun together.

Try not to be an open book when you are talking to him.

Do not spill your guts to a guy who’s about to ask you out. Something you say might ultimately drive him away and make him change his mind about the whole thing. Stay away from talking about your issues with your ex, or your problems with money. These will make him think you’re only out for a rebound, or looking for someone to share your financial troubles with. Be light and well-natured. Relax, you will have all the time in the world to talk about more intimate things as the relationship progresses.

Do not get drunk.

Your senses are distorted when you are drunk. You may do things you will feel deeply regretful for in the morning. So if you don’t want him to see that side of you just yet, go easy on the drinks. Sip your martini daintily, and engage in friendly small talk while being fully alert of your surroundings.

Give him something to look forward to.

When you get to talking to a guy you like, stop before he gets too comfortable. Never break the touch barrier unless you plan on going home with him. Stay sweet and casual, but not intimate. Waiting is everything in the dating game.

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