How To Dress Italian And Look Good!

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As an American who loves to people watch, I have spent these last ten years really studying the Italian person and especially what gives the Italian woman the edge on style. Here is what I have found.

Italian women always look pulled together no matter what they are doing like gardening, travelling, working, cooking. The point is that looking good matters to Italians and they believe really you are treated according to how you look. There is some truth in this. I don’t care who you are. If you are dressed in an oil stained sweat suit with baggy pants and shirt, it doesn’t matter if you have the grace and poise of a princess, you will look like a slob! Even if that is an olive oil stain.

My American friends always ask me how it is that Italians always look so good and I began to wonder. I began studying them, from the cashier at the small town grocery store to the bank teller in Milan, to the CEO and managers of major companies. What did these women have in common? They come from different income and education levels, yet they all look pulled together.

Everything can be learned and yes even style can be learned . The easiest way to learn is to copy and then inject your own twist to personalize it. There are all sorts of styles like classic and understated, sport and casual to elegant and showy. I really do not believe you have to wear a designer label to look good. But and a big but, if you can afford even a small designer accessory, it will in many cases add to your look and more importantly, make you feel good. The item should fit into the style. Designer labels are extremely popular in Italy. Often times people are insecure about their own style of dress so to make things easier, you can have instant style success by wearing a designer label.

Color coordination is important and I see Italian women like to coordinate same colors, even different tones with each other, pants in rich chocolate brown and top in light brown for instance. Colors do matter. Italians get away with wearing hot pink in the middle of winter. They make it work because they coordinate. Guess what ? Italians copy too. You know where and who they copy from?? They are big readers of fashion magazines! So they will wear whatever colors are deemed in for the season.

Fabrics matter. The best way to dress well is to wear natural fiber clothing. This can also and usually is expensive. They are also more and more difficult to find these days. Wool, gabardine, cotton, linen, knits give instant sign of quality.

Fit matters. Pants that slouch, lapels out of style, sleeves that are too long, shoulder pads that drop, hems too short or too long. These show that you do not care and that you did not take the time to get them tailored. If something does not fit right when you are trying it on, you either do not buy it or need to go see a tailor.

Style. Do not wear a mini skirt if long tailored skirts are in. Do not wear a short double breasted blazer if a long single breasted blazer is in style. Get what I am saying? You can find the latest styles on the internet or by picking up one fashion magazine.

Season appropriate. Consider colors and fabrics. I know I talked about hot pink in the winter but if you want to play it safe then stick with colors that go in the winter like black, brown, navy. Winter fabrics should be wool, knits.

Accessories. I could go on and on here. The important thing is that shoes, belts, handbags match and are in style.

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