How to Draw People – Some Tips

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A major part of learning to draw people is about learning how to draw clothes. So you need to pay a lot of attention to it. How clothes flow and how they crease depending on the fabric type is very important for creating a good drawing. Keep in mind that a three piece suite cresses differently from a plain vanilla cotton shirt.

Next most important thing is proportion of human figure. When you draw a full figure you must get this right. Any book on anatomy for artists will be a good source for learning about human body proportions. While studying proportions keep in mind that proportions for male body are not the same as that of female body. And in addition to that a child’s body proportions don’t match with an adult’s.

Eyes, eye brows and mouth are the three areas that you will be using to express the emotions your character is feeling. When drawing eyes, keep in mind that our eye surface is always moist and reflects light. To create this effect add little white dots in the black portion of eyes this will make your character more lively.

Drawing a good human character entails more than drawing a biped creature; your drawing should also convey the idea of surrounding environment. And equal careful planning is required in this area. If it is an indoor scene some furniture and other accessories will make your character more believable. If your character is outdoors some trees might be there in the frame.

You are God as far as your character is concerned. You imagination can make or break the composition so be careful. But don’t be afraid to play with your imagination and experiment. Above all enjoy playing God.

Last words: Though a tips article like this alone can not teach you how to make beautiful drawings of people the guidelines given in the article if followed will make your work easier to handle. To be proficient you need to see the works of masters and understand their unique styles. And above all go to field and make drawing of actual people. Drawing from other drawings or picture will not take you very far.

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