How To Choose The Right Boot Length That Is Fashionable For The Outfit You Are Matching With

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Although you might initially associate the word “boot” with winter and snow, boots are actually a type of shoe that are very versatile and can be worn in every season. Shoe manufacturers make boots in a variety of different styles and colors and lengths. You can find winter boots made with from synthetic materials with faux fur, stylish leather fashion boots or sturdy leather hiking boots that are appropriate for a trip to the mountains or hiking on a woodsy trail. “Cowboy” style boots are still popular, although they are not limited to the Western style. They may even be classy and refined. It is possible to find a type of boot that is suitable for almost any occasion. Boots are made in various heights or, as the industry would call them lengths and the following guide will help you decide which is right for your body and style.

A very popular and comfortable choice is the ankle boot. The key to wearing ankle boots in the most stylish way is to match them with the proper clothing. Ankle boots usually look best worn with longer pants that cover the top of the boot. You would usually opt for this length with boot cut or flared jeans. This gives the appearance of wearing a taller boot, but has the comfort of wearing a shoe so they are perfect for warmer weather. Occasionally a celebrity, model or other fashionable person may be seen pairing ankle length boots with a short mini skirt or gauchos. This may work some of the time, but should be approached with caution if you have fuller calves or are very short.

Mid calf boots are another high-fashion option, but be advised that they may make short legs appear even shorter. Calf length boots can be a great choice when paired with a below-the-knee skirt. This option gives just a little peek-a-boo of skin showing, just enough to give definition to the look. Mid calf boots can be both comfortable and stylish. You can find them in Western style for the denim skirt and t-shirt look or with a sexy spiked heel for the perfect date choice. This length also works well worn with jeans either tucked in or left over the boot depending on the look you want for that particular day. Bear in mind that skinny or straight leg jeans should be used for tucking in to avoid the pants ballooning out which creates a very tacky look.

Knee length boots are most attractive on longer legs. Shorter legs can look very short with knee length boots, but they may work occasionally when paired with a very short skirt. Knee length boots are very slimming to the legs and can create a very sexy look. A trendy look right know is to wear straight legged or “skinny” jeans tucked into knee length boots. They also work well with short dresses and skirts or even a longer skirt with a high slit in it.

The thigh boot is a very sexy boot and thus has more limited uses. Once worn primarily by exotic dancers, their image is too provocative to be worn to the office and too overt to be worn with casual wear. These boots are best worn for a hot date or for a night of dancing at a club when you want all eyes on you. Another limitation they have is that they need to be worn only by taller more long legged ladies. A shorter person will find the boots coming all the way up to the top of the leg and this is neither attractive nor comfortable.

Boots can be versatile, fashionable and useful. Each length works best with specific clothing and looks better on a particular body shape. You may want to consider getting several pairs in varying lengths (the lengths that work with your figure) and experiment with different looks. Remember to use a full length mirror when trying them on and give yourself an honest evaluation. Choose the boots that you think look and feel best for you. Soon you will be wearing boots with style.

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