How to Change Your Profile Picture to Attract Women on Facebook

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The Alpha Profile Pic

The first thing any girl would see on your Facebook when you message her, is your profile picture. This is critical because the purpose of your profile pictures, are to convey a message. What is this message you may ask? Well it is essentially to demonstrate higher value (DHV) or to display an alpha-male status. Let us take a look at examples of the type of pictures that you may want to remove from your profile.

What Not to do:

1. Resist any pics that has weird poses – like duck face or pics that scream “wierdo”. Girls don’t respond to these types of photos, especially if you are alone in the picture. Ask a close female friend, sister or cousin to help you select and delete the pictures of you that look weird. After that, don’t let her interfere with your profile.

2. Do not try to show off – This involves taking shirtless pictures to show off that well defined six pack or big gun biceps. This include a pictures of you in your car. It is a huge cry for attention and it is generic. Also do not try looking like a bad ass either. Over confidence can often be a way to hide insecurities and women can pick up on these easily.

3. Smiling at the camera with you alone in the picture – This is one of the most common pictures out there. Girls are looking for guys that are unique and fun, so try and avoid this one unless if its a professional good looking photo-shoot pic.

4. Low quality pictures – You don’t want to look like a creep lurking in the pixelated darkness, unless you playing laser quest. Now a days, most cell phones have a 5 megapixels or more with a flash, so you have no excuse for taking those poor quality pictures. If girls can’t see you, then they most likely will press the next button or get fed up and leave your profile.

5. Pictures not of you – Do not by all means put up pictures of your favourite movie poster, or music artist or anything that doesn’t include you.

So now that you know, what not to do, you probably know what it is that you have to do. Getting rid of unnecessary profile pics is the first step to being attractive to women on Facebook.

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